Grieving Pit Bull Stays with Dead Mate for 14 Hours [Video]

In a beautiful picture of true commitment, a grieving male pit bull stayed by the side of his dead partner for 14 hours over the weekend after his female pit bull companion was struck and killed by a car.

Following the sad ordeal, which took place on Friday in Phoenix, Arizona, an image of the two animals was posted on Facebook and users urged one another to find what could be done to get the broken-hearted pit the help he needed.

Yahoo! reports that as of now, the male dog is grieving in a pen at local animal shelter and it is not clear what will become of him.

Even though the male pitt bull was wearing a harness when he was picked up, he did not have an owner tag and no one has come forward to claim him, according to Daily Mail.

The paper adds that the dog’s emotional state is worrisome for the people caring for him, and there are no current plans to put him up for adoption because of it.

“He’s a little withdrawn and he appears to be very sad,” Rodrigo Silva of Aanimal Care and Control in Phoenix said. “If he continues to show these signs of withdrawal we will place him in a recovery home that can help him with his grieving. I am not certain we will be placing him up for adoption.”

While most web users that heard the news of the heartbroken pit were moved to tears, Karyn Aspan, a Facebook user from Chicago, said that the story of the dog instead made her angry.

“I am so pissed about this,” Aspan is quoted as saying by the NY Post. “Animal control responded 14.5 hours later. I was so outraged I even called the mayor’s office and had posted on Facebook in hopes that the mayor’s office would be bombarded with calls.”

Fox News Phoenix has more on the sad story of the grieving pit bull in the video below: