Are Blac Chyna And Kylie Jenner Feuding Again?

The year-long social media feud between Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters might be heating up again.

According to RadarOnline, Blac Chyna, ex-girlfriend of rapper Tyga and mother of his son, recently made an Instagram post that’s left some fans with a sense of deja vu.

Rich $ex

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In the short Instagram video, Blac Chyna wears a blue wig and stares seductively into the camera while music blares in the background. So what’s the problem? Well according to RadarOnline, Blac Chyna’s video is very similar to a video Kylie posted in late July, and is the latest in a series of videos in which Blac Chyna mocks Kylie Jenner.

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The clips both use the same song, “Rich $ex” by Future, and both feature each woman staring into the camera seductively. At the time her video was shot, Kylie Jenner wasn’t wearing a wig, but she has sported wigs of numerous colors in the past, including blue. RadarOnline isn’t alone in spotting the similarities between the two clips. Fans left comments on Blac Chyna’s video, with accusations of Blac Chyna trying to “be Kylie” and attempting to get Tyga back. By the end of the flame war, fans of Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner were throwing insults at both women and at one another.

While Blac Chyna and Kylie have mostly refrained from directly addressing one another through their social media accounts, both women seem to be trying to one up one another.

On September 4, Blac Chyna apparently demanded Tyga provide receipts to prove that he purchased the $300,000 Ferrari he gave Kylie for her 18th birthday. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, sources close to Blac Chyna claimed that Tyga didn’t purchase the Ferrari, but instead leased it in Kylie’s name.


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Initially, Kylie didn’t respond, but on Friday, September 11, Kylie made an Instagram post that seemed to address Blac Chyna, at least in part.

On Snapchat, Kylie made a post in which a Ferarri and Mercedes G-wagon are visible. The picture is in black and white, so it’s impossible to tell if the cars are the now-red Ferarri Tyga gave Kylie for her birthday, or the G-Wagon she owns.

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Kylie also posted a color photo of herself with her blue G-Wagon.

The gorgeous @kyliejenner picking up her new wrap we just finished on her #mercedes #g63 #amg #stickercity #CupGang

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So for the moment at least, it looks like this smouldering feud has ignited once again.

[Image credits: Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna/Instagram]