Colin Cowherd Thinks Johnny Manziel’s Cleveland Browns Will Be A ‘Grease Fire’ In 2015

Colin Cowherd is never short on opinions. The 53-year-old host launched his new FOX Sports 1 radio broadcast this week and came out firing on his thoughts for the 2015 NFL regular season.

According to FOX Sports, Cowherd declared that Johnny Manziel’s Cleveland Browns will “be a grease fire,” and finish with a 4-12 record when going through his list of NFL records before the rest of the regular season kicks off today.

Manziel, of course, will be watching from the sidelines as free agent QB Josh McCown is tapped to open up against the New York Jets today at 1 p.m. Eastern. But with so much uncertainty surrounding McCown, who finished with a 1-10 record last year as starter for the Tampa Bay Bucs, it’s possible the Browns may turn to Johnny Football at some point in the season — especially if their record is what Colin Cowherd predicts.

Whether or not Johnny Manziel will be healthy enough to take the field, however, remains to be seen. Listed as the No. 2 quarterback today against the New York Jets, Manziel had been dealing with elbow soreness, something former head coach Jon Gruden thinks is a major concern.

“It was a little bit of a surprise to me,” Gruden said, as reported by “I don’t remember hearing about a lot of arm problems until recently. I had not had that brought to my attention, so I would be very concerned. His arm never came up when I met with him.”

And while the Johnny Football storyline is worth keeping an eye on as the NFL 2015 regular season moves along, the real drama will, of course, be the teams in line to make the NFL playoffs and compete for the Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills, a trendy pick by many to crack the NFL postseason, was left off Cowherd’s list of playoff contenders.

“The Buffalo Bills at 8-8,” Colin started, “and New York Jets at 6-10 are not good enough in the most important division in football at the most important position in football, [the quarterback].” He then added that fellow AFC East team, the Miami Dolphins, will make the playoffs at 9-7.

Other notable predictions made by Colin Cowherd this week were that alongside the Miami Dolphins, four other teams who were absent from last year’s NFL playoffs would be joining returning playoff teams the Colts, Patriots, Ravens, Packers, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Cardinals. This list includes the Houston Texans, who Colin predicts will finish 9-7 as well, the Chiefs at 11-5, Chip Kelly’s Eagles at 10-6, and the New Orleans Saints with a record of 9-7.

What do you think? Do you agree with Colin Cowherd’s NFL playoff predictions?

[Photo credit: Jason Miller / Getty Images]