Virginia Witness Describes Stealth ‘Flying-Saucer’ UFO Hovering Over House

A witness in Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia has given detailed description of a UFO sighting from 1994.

According to the testimony filed as Case 70201 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, at about 9:05 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27, 1994, the witness, who was driving home from work, saw a disc-shaped object in the sky.

The “flying-saucer” UFO was hovering over a house and shining a beam of light on the house, Open Minds-TV reports.

The UFO first appeared in the sky “like a huge star” in the distance. But the “star” looked so unusually large and bright that the witness was forced to investigate.

“I noticed what looked like a huge star moving across the horizon in the distance. I usually don’t go that direction, but I had to investigate to see what it was.”

The witness drove about a mile for a close-up view of the object.

“What I saw completely caught me off guard,” the witness said. “Over to the left of the road across from the local high school [Pulaski County High School] was a subdivision of houses. As I pulled up I saw a large disc about 40 to 50 feet in size hovering over top of one of them.”

The disc hovered silently in the air as it focused a beam of “bluish-white” light on the roof of the house. The beam of light appeared to originate from a rectangular vent on the side of the UFO.

The witness recalled that the bottom of the UFO was covered with extremely bright but small points of “white lights,” and at the center of the bottom of the disc was a single big red light.

But the top of the UFO was not visible to the witness, who recalled that the disc hovered in the air as if it was suspended by ropes.

This could imply that the disc oscillated as it hovered in the air.

The strangeness of the sight compelled the witness to move even closer for a better look.

The witness drove downhill in the direction of the house over which the disc hovered, and stopped about 50 feet away, observing it in the sky at an angle of about 45 degrees.

And as if the UFO, or the pilot inside the UFO, noticed the observer, it moved away from its position over the house and stopped over another house farther away.

“Just at that moment the UFO apparently took notice I was there and slowly glided over top of another house in the opposite direction away from me. It then stopped and hovered over top of it like it did the other house.”

After observing the UFO for about five minutes, the witness noticed that another person, sitting a car parked in the nearby school parking lot, had probably been observing the hovering disc, too.

He noticed the car when the driver started the engine and drove out of the parking lot.

“I noticed that a car up in the school parking lot across the street started to leave. I hadn’t even paid attention to it since I arrived because I was so focused on the UFO. I was kind of in shock because my immediate thought was, ‘There’s a UFO hovering over a house and you’re just going to drive away?’ I couldn’t believe anybody would do that.”

But strangely, the UFO followed the car as it moved out of the parking lot. The witness tried to follow the car and the UFO in his old Chevy Cavalier. But by the time he joined the main road and drove up the hill, the UFO and the car had disappeared, apparently because the old car could not keep up with the speed of the car and the UFO.

“… by the time I got up on top of the hill there was nothing. There was no trace of the UFO or car. It was like they both just vanished.”

Now, 20 years after the experience, and after having spent years thinking about it, the witness remains convinced that he may have witnessed an ET craft.

With regard to the possible explanation that he had witnessed a “military experimental aircraft,” the witness wondered why a military aircraft would hover in the air shining lights on houses below.

And after two decades of the sighting, there is no known military aircraft that can hover in absolute silence in the air for extended periods of time.

And with regard to the question of the link between the car and the UFO, one could speculate that the UFO was a drone being controlled remotely from inside the car. This could lead to the suggestion that the UFO was a military prototype undergoing testing at the time.

Do you think the UFO could have been a 50-ft military drone undergoing testing? Share your thoughts below.

[Image: MUFON]