‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Causes Controversy For The Killing Of Black Characters, Plus Episode 3 Preview

Although Fear the Walking Dead has been receiving plenty of praise in its first season so far, the show hasn’t been able to escape all controversy. In fact, according to Yahoo Celebrity, fans have recently taken to Twitter to express their disapproval with how the show has been killing off black characters.

While fans have noted that a lot of black characters have already died in the show’s first two episodes, Laura Saltman, an expert in pop culture, stated that it is just the nature of the series that a large proportion of characters have met their end.

“Look, this is Fear the Walking Dead. People die, they’re gonna die. It’s that type of show,” she told Yahoo. “The biggest thing was that in only the first two episodes we’ve seen two, possibly three, African-American characters bite the dust, and that really upset the fans.”

At the same time, the uproar on social media has managed to grab the attention of executive producer Dave Erickson, who stated that the show is well aware that fans are upset. “I realize it’s clearly become an issue,” he explained. “And it’s something we are mindful of.”

Despite these controversies, Fear the Walking Dead has enjoyed record breaking numbers in its debut season. According to Realty Today, the show broke all previous records for an AMC premiere, bringing in some 10 million views. This is especially noteworthy given the fact that the series is a spin-off from The Walking Dead.

Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead is getting ready for its third episode this season, titled The Dog. With that in mind, a new teaser trailer has been released by AMC that offers a glimpse at what’s to come for the characters.

The latest episode saw Travis (Cliff Curtis) warning Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) and Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) about issues they might be getting ready to face. In light of this warning, the new clip features Travis and Chris riding in a truck with Liza, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), Daniel (Ruben Blades), and Griselda (Patricia Reyes Spindola) riding in the bed.

As the truck nears a hospital, shots are heard, and a walker appears to emerge from the hospital. Additionally, Griselda appears to be nursing an injury, which might indicate that the group ran into some trouble along the way.

The third episode of Fear the Walking Dead is set to air September 13 on AMC.

[Image Courtesy: AMC]