Harry Styles Bottled Again, Mom Will Be On The Warpath

One Direction star Harry Styles has been hit by a flying bottle whilst performing on stage. Incredibly, it is the second such incident in a week. It was reported in Inquisitr last week that Harry had been hit in the face by a soda can during a One Direction performance in Philadelphia. On that occasion, Harry’s mom reacted furiously, taking to Twitter to lash out at the fans who throw things onto the stage.

Harry’s mom, Anne, lashed out, calling the actions of fans dangerous. While accepting that no real harm was done on that occasion, Harry’s mom also said that it wasn’t acceptable to throw things at people unless you are on a sports field.

Incredibly, Styles has once again been hit by an object thrown from the crowd. The Independent reported that, on this occasion, Harry was hit full in the crotch by a water bottle thrown from the crowd. Harry was left reeling in pain as a result of the incident, which happened when he was throwing water at fans close to the stage during a One Direction show in Ottawa.

The Mirror reported that these incidents are not the only times that Harry has been hit by flying objects during the course of the current tour. Styles was also hit in the face by a glow stick thrown from the crowd during One Direction’s performance in Jakarta earlier this year. Harry was once again left reeling after being hit on that occasion.

Harry’s mom is sure to be furious to see Harry struck by another thrown object, especially as she asked One Direction fans to learn from the incident in Philadelphia. After Harry was hit that time, there was a huge outcry from One Direction fans, questioning why anyone would throw things at Harry. They must be stunned to see Harry struck again just days later.

In addition to having been hit by flying objects, Harry has had a number of other mishaps during the current tour. Styles has fallen over a number of times. Styles even managed to fall off the stage during a show in San Diego earlier in the tour. Having suffered so many mishaps during the course of this tour, it is something of a miracle that Harry Styles has not suffered a serious injury.

[Photo by Mat Hayward / Getty Images]