‘Star Wars’ R2-D2 Dreamliner Coming Soon

Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t the only thing that has Star Wars fans jumping with excitement: Now there’s also an R2-D2 dreamliner coming soon for fans to enjoy.

It’s true that this particular jet isn’t the Millenium Falcon, but it’s the closest thing we’ve seen yet, and maybe it will even serve as a bridge between traditional air travel and travel with the Falcon.

The Star Wars-themed ride comes in the form of a Boing 777-300ER, which will be fashioned after the R2-D2 ANA Jet that was unveiled previously. This new jet will reveal the image of BB-8, which is a droid from the upcoming Star Wars film.

This new aircraft, as well as the previously introduced one, are part of the Star Wars Project, which comes from the labs of Japan’s largest airline, ANA. They have signed a five-year contract with Disney for promoting the Star Wars brand.

The outside looks like BB-8, but that’s not the only thing that Star Wars fans have to be excited about. It also features a plethora of in-flight movie apparatuses. From Star Wars headrests to movie themed napkins, ANA has thought of it all.

Passengers will also have no problem finding entertainment on this flight with non stop Star Wars movies. In fact, ANA is the only airline with the rights to show all six of the Star Wars films for free as part of the entertainment aboard the flight.

This project began in April of 2015, and a third jet is also under construction, and all three will take on both international and domestic travel routes, beginning with the R2-D2 jet that will be available for flights in October. The next jet to take to the air will include domestic Japanese routes starting in November, and the final BB-8 will be out in March of 2016.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the designs of our new Star Wars themed planes, and I’m sure fans across the world will love the look,” Osamu Shinobe, President and CEO of ANA reported to Komo News. ANA is hoping that their new line of dreamliner air fleets will attract a wider variety of passengers than they airline is used to hosting.

Star Wars is continuing to take over the media, both with their entertaining films and the news. With this new Star Wars luxury dreamliner taking the sky, there will have an even broader reach than ever before for ANA airlines.

[Image via Win McNamee/Getty Images]