Keurig Partners With The Campbell’s Soup Company So That You Can Brew Something Mm-Mm-Good In Your Keurig Machine

Keurig has always been an innovative company, bringing owners of their beverage machine everything from tea and coffee to lemonade. The company has now taken things a bit further by stepping outside of the beverage making market and moving on to food. To start this new venture, Keurig has teamed with the Campbell’s Soup Company to allow users to cook soup in their Keurig machines.

The new partnership is not just a simply matter of pouring canned soup in the Keurig. Instead, Campbell’s and Keurig have put their marketing brains together and created the Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Southwest Style Chicken soup K cups. Yes, Campbell’s soup can officially be found in little pod cups just like all of the other Keurig products. However, unlike other Campbell’s soup products, the Keurig K-cups have something that sets them apart from the other soups.

The Keurig K-cups, which come in only two flavors so far, are only 70 calories each. According to Yahoo! Health, the Keurig version of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup is far healthier than the standard condensed canned soup that Campbell’s offers. Additionally, the Keurig K-cup soups have no artificial flavors or coloring. In fact, when the entire nutritional ingredients are broken down and compared, Campbell’s canned soup has less protein and over 100 milligrams more sodium than the new Keurig K-cups. With an additional step to the Keurig brewing process, both the Keurig and Campbell’s soup executives believe that it will be worthwhile for consumers because of the fact that it’s a step further for each company. In a recent press release, Keurig’s Chief Business Development and Partners Officer, Mark Wood, made a statement on Keurig’s future with beverages and foods.

“Launching Campbell’s into the Keurig hot system marks a milestone as our first expansion beyond beverages. We are thrilled to offer consumers the ability to brew soup in their Keurig brewer, and the opportunity to use their brewer on more occasions throughout the day.”

Also considering the new partnership to be a brilliant idea that will be mostly beneficial to consumers, the Campbell’s Soup Company has expressed its excitement about the new Keurig K-cups as well. With making Campbell’s soup more accessible in mind, the company’s Marketing Director, Michael Goodman, expressed just what the Keurig-Campbell’s partnership means for the soup makers.

“Campbell‘s Fresh-Brewed Soup varieties are packed with taste and provide a new, convenient way for consumers to enjoy soup. We know more than 80 percent of people who buy Keurig pods also buy Campbell’s soup, so bringing together two products people love in one handy kit is a winning idea.”

The innovative new addition to the Keurig pod family reportedly took two years to develop and was first announced back in September of 2013. The Keurig Campbell’s soup pods or “k-cups” are now available for purchase on for just $12 per eight packs of soup.

[Image via Getty Images/Credit: Sergi Alexander/Stringer]