‘Welcome Home’: 90210 Actor Luke Perry Returns Tonight In New Inspirational Movie On UPtv

Welcome Home, a positive new movie starring 90210’s Luke Perry is coming to UPtv tonight. UPtv is the leader in providing uplifting and inspirational entertainment in the form of television shows, documentaries, and movies. With the debut of Welcome Home, Luke Perry fans are in for a real treat as they see the former teen heart throb in another inspirational movie. In addition to Luke Perry, Welcome Home stars Camille Sullivan, Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh, Kayden Magnuson, Erica Cerra, and Susan Hogan, according to Belief Net.

Produced by Luke Perry, Welcome Home is about a best-selling author who returns home to find squatters living there. In the sneak peak for Welcome Home, we are introduced to Stewart Paylor, a writer who is struggling with writer’s block as he seems unable to find any inspiration for new stories. His luck changes even more when he returns from his home while on vacation to find a strange woman and her children living in his house. After the shock wears off, the woman begs Stewart Payton not to call the police.

As Paylor listens to her story, he learns that the woman is a widow, and that she was the previous home owner who lost everything, causing them to be homeless. Becoming sensitive to her plight, book writer Stewart Paylor, allows them to stay, until she can come up with a plan to get out on her own.

In the meantime, the middle-aged widow is not only dealing with financial hardship, she’s also dealing with a son who seems to have lost respect for his mother. He makes matters even worse as he continues to doubt his mother’s ability to take care of them. At the same time, Stewart Paylor, a man who constantly thinks about work, begins to find meaning in his life as he grows closer to the widow and her child.

Welcome Home is a story about friendship, and about what it means to help someone in need. Luke Perry was delighted to take part in such a good movie. In an interview with UPtv he talked about the millions of homeless people who are literally dumped into the street each year due to various circumstances. Perry fell in love with the story and enjoyed seeing Stewart Paylor’s transition as he learns more about the important things in life.

This latest movie is just the kind of entertainment that endears UP viewers to the channel. Last week, Inquisitr reported on another feel good show entitled Last Hope With Troy Dunn. Be sure to tune in to see Luke Perry in Welcome Home tonight at 7 p.m. on UPtv.

Watch Welcome Home’s trailer.

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