Gun Shop Commemorates 9/11 With Coupon Code 'Muslim' -- And George Zimmerman

A Florida gun shop that has already been in the headlines for its "Muslim-free zone" signs is calling attention to itself again -- by offering a discount to those who use the coupon code "Muslim." It's common for a retailer to celebrate a holiday by offering customers a discount with a coupon code related to that holiday, and the owner of Florida Gun Supply seems to have co-opted the practice on a day that most commemorate with moments of silence, prayer, and tributes to the fallen.

Florida Gun Supply tweeted the coupon code, along with an invitation to stop into the shop for a free car wash and a beer, on Wednesday.

Shop owner Andy Hallinan explained in an interview with MSNBC that he believes that America is too politically correct, and that Islam is evil at its core. He explained that he feels promotions such as this one remind Americans that political correctness costs lives.

He's been responding to backlash against the promotion ever since. To those who suggest, facetiously or otherwise, that the coupon code could be meant to invite Muslim customers into the store and let them know their patronage is welcome, Hallinan tweeted a reminder that his shop is still a "Muslim-free zone."

He later joked that he was removing the promotion because of "liberal tears," followed by another tweet expressing annoyance that news outlets had reported that the tweet was removed.

Hallinan isn't stopping at anti-Muslim promotions to make the most provocative statements possible. He's also reportedly teamed up with George Zimmerman to promote the sale of Confederate flag artwork by Zimmerman himself. (You can see the painting here at Florida Gun Supply's website -- or in the tweet below.) With the anniversary of September 11 over, and the anti-Muslim sale coming to a close, Hallinan took a moment on Saturday to remind Twitter of that connection.Florida Gun Supply isn't the first company to be condemned by the public for using the anniversary of September 11 as a sales gimmick, but with the coupon code "Muslim," the shop might hold the title for taking it the farthest.

[Image via Florida Gun Shop YouTube]