Red Velvet: New K-Pop Group Express Their Love For Their ‘Sunbae Unnies’ Girls’ Generation By Singing ‘Lion Heart’ In The Car

Throughout the last ten years, K-pop has evolved to become a worldwide musical force. Beginning with K-pop groups like Super Junior and Wonder Girls and continuing on with current popular K-pop groups like 2NE1 and Big Bang, the genre is garnering a lot of traction internationally. In order to continue its success however, new K-pop groups need to be made. Because of this, entertainment labels are constantly searching and constantly scouting for the next big thing. YG Entertainment even kicked it up a notch by holding auditions for their next group outside of Korea, especially in the United States.

Until the new breed of K-pop groups are revealed, the current debuts are already here to tie K-pop fans over. What is unique is said groups are making a name for themselves in the most unique ways. GFriend actually earned worldwide recognition for their live performance of “Me Gusta Tu” in which members fell down a total of nine times. And now new K-pop group Red Velvet is standing out as well for their cute “baby sister” love towards Girls’ Generation. Their recent show of affection happened while singing the current hit of their “sunbae unnies” (Korean for “senior older sisters”), “Lion Heart” in the car.

On Thursday, September 10, 2015, Red Velvet aired their reality program on the Naver V App, as reported by KpopStarz. During one part, the new K-pop group are riding in a car, possibly to their next gig or interview, when Girls’ Generation’s current hit song “Lion Heart” hits the radio. Needless to say, all five members of Red Velvet — Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri — were ecstatic as they started to sing and dance to the hit track. They even made a proclamation of happiness and love too.

“Girls’ Generation got first place on M! Countdown so we all danced together. We love you, Girls’ Generation. We will become like you one day, right?”

It should be noted the reason why Red Velvet recognizes Girls’ Generation as their “sunbae unnies” is because both K-pop girl groups work under SM Entertainment. Also, it is just smart for Red Velvet to follow in Girls’ Generation’s footsteps since they are one-third of the reason why K-pop is what it is today.

As of now, Red Velvet is on a promotional tour for their first official album The Red. They are also promoting the album’s title song “Dumb Dumb” (music video attached above), which is quite amusing as they have “Cindy Lou Who” haircuts.

[Image via Red Velvet’s Official Facebook Page]