Harry Styles Must Leave One Direction To Fulfill His Potential As A Star

Harry Styles has taken a beating these years as a pop star. Harry Styles may need a break,= before he breaks down. Fortunately, One Direction are taking a break and getting some breathing room. After that break, Harry Styles could emerge refreshed, and ready to make new music.

Friend of Harry Styles, radio personality and now X Factor host Nick Grimshaw was asked about One Direction’s break via The Guardian.

“People think being a pop star is glamorous, but it’s exhausting and disorienting at their level. They don’t see the world, they just do press in different cities. They’re men now, and need to experience some actual life.”

Already the break is proving beneficial for Styles, who is looking forward to his casting in the movie adaptation of Absolutely Fabulous, the long-running British TV series that first launched in 1992. The film is sure to open up more acting opportunities for Styles, and push him further from coming back together with One Direction after the group’s break.

Former X Factor judge Louis Walsh has already expressed Harry Styles’ potential for solo stardom after One Direction split. He told Music Week his prediction.

“They’ve had an amazing run. I don’t know who’s going to be a [solo] star. If I was betting on anybody, I’d put my money on Harry [Styles], because he’s got the ambition. Ambition and work ethic, to me they’re as important as talent.”

The break should also give Harry time to heal. He was hit in the family jewels with a water bottle at a concert in Ottawa on Tuesday. The direct hit by the drink container marksman in the crowd caused Harry to double over in pain. I’m sure the agony was compounded by Harry’s notoriously tight pants giving the fan a clear target for aiming projectiles.

So the break will give Harry Styles plenty of opportunities to avoid the unruly crowds at his shows, giving him time to rest up and pursue new directions in his career. It will let him expand as an artist, and give him a chance to pursue a career safer to his health and less worrying to his mom.

After an earlier incident in which a fan threw a can of Red Bull at Harry’s face, Harry’s mom expressed her outrage over Twitter. Going by the name Mama Twist, she stood up for her son’s safety, while also encouraging other One Direction fans not to be too hard on the Red Bull launcher and to quit ganging up on her over Twitter.

Though a One Direction break will be hard on fans, it will be better in the long run for all the great things Harry Styles will go on to do.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]