The #ThighBrow Joins #ThighGap And #FreshFacedFriday As Surging Instagram Tags

You’ve likely heard of the “thigh gap,” the space left between the thighs for women who are built in a certain fashion. Apparently, it’s an Instagram hashtag so controversial, along with the “hmu” Instagram tag — meaning “hit me up” and sometimes used to buy drugs on social media — that both the “hmu” and “thigh gap” hashtags show no posts using those tags. It’s the sign of an Instagram ban. The #thighbrow, however, hasn’t been banned. As seen on the 53 posts thus far tagged #thighbrow on Instagram, the so-called “thigh brows” are the lines made between the hips and the thighs when a person is sitting down.

“New trend: Having a #thighbrow when you sit or squat seems to be the new trend and may be pushing out the #thighgap (lol) The term has been coined to describe the skin roll created at the top and front of the thigh when you bend forward, sit, or kneel, which apparently looks like an eyebrow.”

Are thighbrows the new thigh gap? That’s the question asked by ELLE about the crazy new weird trend that likely has plenty of women crouching down on the floor in the manner that Khloe Kardashian is seen sitting in some photos, in order to see if they, too, have thighbrows. If anything the quirky thighbrows label is a funny quip on a word that rhymes with eyebrows and represents two lines on the body, a lot lower than eyebrows. It’s hard to tell if the new thighbrows trend is a tongue-in-cheek look at silly Internet trends or something that will really catch on.

Nevertheless, many people see the humor in the thighbrows trend by posting photos of their dogs sitting in weird positions and tagging those photos with the #thighbrow hashtag. The trend is so new, most folks are still asking, “What is a thighbrow?” as asked and answered by PopSugar‎.

Kendall Jenner, Beyonce and Khloe Kardashian started the new ‘thighbrow’ trend, reports the Evening Standard‎ – all due to the way that the stars sat on their feet in various poses on Instagram.

Beyond thighbrows, another Instagram trend catching on is the #FreshFacedFriday tag, which has more than 2,000 posts as of this writing. Apparently, “fresh faced” doesn’t mean makeup-free, which is a blessing for folks who love their cosmetics. Instead the “fresh faced Friday” tag implores folks to show off their natural looks, which can simply mean natural makeover styles and not a ton of makeup.

[Image via Instagram]