iPhone 6s Plus Pre-Orders Are Happening, Here’s How To Get Yours

The long anticipated iPhone 6s Plus unveiling has happened, and now Apple fans worldwide want one. On September 12, they got their wish. Well, sort of.

The iPhone 6s Plus is currently only available for pre-order through Apple’s website and certain wireless carriers. So when you put in your order, essentially you can say you got one, but you still have to wait until it is actually sent to you. The iPhone 6s Plus devices aren’t expected to ship out until late September.

If you’d rather pre-order an iPhone 6s Plus through the Apple Store iOS app, you can do that, and some fans are saying it is a much easier process.

By the way, Apple recommends using the app store as well.

The obvious question now is, “how much is the iPhone 6s Plus”? Surprisingly, or maybe not to some, the pricing of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be the same as last year.

According to The Verge, an iPhone 6s Plus 16GB model will be $749, $849 for the 64GB, and expect to pay $949 for the 128GB model. However, you can spread that out over time if needed.

The major wireless carriers are fighting for their piece of the Apple pie as well. Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all have an option to pre-order the iPhone 6s Plus through their websites as well as in stores. Of course, signing up for wireless service through them opens up a plethora of monthly payment plans for the device which is enough to make your head spin.

You also have another option to pay for your new iPhone 6s Plus in monthly installments if that is your preferred plan. Apple has introduced its own payment program.

The iPhone Upgrade Program allows you to purchase an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus over time. For a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus, expect $36.58 a month while the iPhone 6s 16GB will be about $32.41. So, instead of paying a monthly payment to your carrier for your new device, you can pay Apple directly.

To use the new U.S. iPhone Upgrade Program, an in-store appointment with an Apple rep is required. An online reservation can be made on Apple’s website.

Some retailers like Best Buy and Target have yet to jump on the iPhone 6s Plus pre-order bandwagon. When you try to pre-order through their websites, you get a disappointing “coming soon” page.

If you want an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, it is best to make your pre-order now. According to Mac Rumors, iPhone 6s Plus supplies sold out quickly last year and there is no indication that won’t happen again this year.

Unless you live under the proverbial rock or didn’t see the previous Inquisitr article, you already know the iPhone 6s Plus was unveiled this past week at an Apple launch event in San Francisco. If by the off chance you missed it, the iPhone 6s Plus is a little different than the previous one.

Want to see what your new iPhone 6s Plus can do? Here is a short breakdown of what to expect as demonstrated at Apple’s September 9 event.