Sister Wives: Meri Brown Doesn’t Want To Attend Kody And Robyn Brown’s Second Wedding

Sister Wives fans were shocked when Meri Brown decided to give up her legal status as the wife of Kody Brown, a polygamist with four wives. She legally divorced her husband of 15 years so that he could marry his youngest wife, 36-year-old Robyn Brown, and the process was documented during last season of Sister Wives. Meri was likely relieved to get filing the divorce papers over with, but she had to endure a few more painful moments before completely putting the ordeal behind her.

According to PEOPLE, Kody and Robyn Brown are going to celebrate their legal marriage with a wedding during Season 6 of Sister Wives, and they want Meri to be there. However, Meri isn’t sure that she wants to celebrate with them. In Sunday’s premiere episode, she says that the situation feels “weird” and that it’s made her more emotional than she thought it would.

“I’ve just been trying so hard to be there and do this whole team thing and not be caught up in the emotions of it, and I shocked myself by having so much emotion.”

According to Us Weekly, the Sister Wives stars released a statement saying that they had simply decided to “legally restructure” their family when the big divorce news broke last year. Meri realized that Kody Brown had no legal claim to Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage, and she was hoping that he would be able to adopt them if he was legally married to Robyn.

Even though the Browns have claimed that the divorce was nothing more than a legal move, the family restructuring has messed with Meri Brown’s emotions in a huge way. In the season premiere of Sister Wives, she gets so upset by the ordeal that she says that she doesn’t want to know Kody and Robyn’s wedding date.

“I don’t really think I really want to know when you do it,” Meri tells Robyn.

However, Robyn informs Meri that she wants her to attend the wedding ceremony. It sounds like Robyn and Kody will likely tie the knot at the courthouse, and their other sister wives might not be there.

“This act isn’t an act of separation, it’s an act of unity,” Robyn tells Meri. “I was thinking it would be cool to have the kids there. This is about them. This isn’t about Kody and I.”

Kody and Robyn Brown’s “spiritual wedding” was filmed in front of the TLC cameras in 2010, and Robyn probably realizes that it wouldn’t be fair to the other wives if she decided to have a second televised wedding complete with a cake, a dress, and the rest of that mess. However, it would certainly make for some great Sister Wives drama.

Even though Robyn and Kody’s wedding is making Meri emotional, Meri insists that she has nothing but love for her younger sister wife. According to SheKnows, Meri recently decided to tweet-rant about the negative comments fans keep making about Robyn Brown. She pointed out that Robyn wasn’t the only wife whose addition to the family caused drama, and Robyn was actually the new wife that Meri had the easiest time dealing with.

“Any plural family struggles when a new wife enters the family, as the existing wife or wives deal with possible jealousy or insecurities, and the wife coming in deals with figuring out how to fit into an already established family,” Meri wrote. “By the time Robyn joined, we not only had 16 years of dealing with our issues, working them out and figuring out how to all work together, but we also now had cameras in our lives documenting the whole adjustment period.”

Meri went on to write that Season 1 Sister Wives viewers saw the same emotions that she, Janelle, and Christine had experienced many times before. In other words, Robyn’s addition to the family didn’t cause any more turmoil than the addition of Kody’s second and third wives — Robyn simply gets the most hate from fans because her marriage to Kody was the main focus of the earlier episodes of the show.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Season 6 of Sister Wives will also focus on Robyn’s pregnancy. She and Kody are expecting their second child together, and the 23rd member of the Brown family will likely arrive shortly after the New Year. Some fans seemingly think that Meri is upset or bitter about the baby because she and Kody only had one child together, but Meri tweeted that she “couldn’t be happier” for Robyn.

“In conclusion, I love Robyn. I love her children. My life has been blessed by them. Robyn is a real, true, kind, and loving person, and a true friend,” Meri wrote.

In other words, don’t expect Meri and Robyn to be at each other’s throats when Sister Wives returns September 10 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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