‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Preview Features More Divorce Drama: Is Meri Brown Sticking Around? [Video]

In a sneak peek of Season 6 of TLC’s Sister Wives, it looks like Meri Brown is slightly struggling with her decision to divorce her legal husband of 25 years.

In Touch Weekly recently shared a Sister Wives preview clip that shows Meri Brown talking about the divorce. Last season, Meri sacrificed her legal status as Kody Brown’s wife so that he could marry Robyn, his fourth “spiritual wife.” Meri did this because she wanted to make it possible for Kody to adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage. The Browns tried to make the move seem like no big deal by saying that they were simply “legally restructuring” their polygamist family, but it felt like something more to longtime fans of the show. There was even speculation that it was the first step toward Meri leaving Kody’s harem to start a new life of her own.

In the Sister Wives clip below, Meri tells Robyn Brown that the divorce is final, and she admits that she feels like she lost something when she signed away her legal rights as Kody’s wife late last year.

“If ever I’m having an emotional moment about what I lost, I just think, ‘It’s not about me — it’s about the kids.’ And that’s what makes me happy.”

As you can see, Meri and Robyn can’t move on with their lives as if nothing happened just because the divorce has been finalized. Meri reveals that she still has to break the news to Kody, and she also has to endure the agony of watching Kody and Robyn get legally married. Because there’s a lengthy delay between the filming of Sister Wives episodes and when they air, it’s highly likely that Robyn and Kody have already made it official.

According to SheKnows, Sister Wives fans started “freaking out” over one of Meri Brown’s tweets a few weeks ago. She shared a message about struggling to deal with loss, and a few of her followers assumed that her cryptic tweet had something to do with her divorce. Meri and Robyn seem to be getting along great in the clip above, but it might be telling that Meri chose to tell Robyn that the divorce was finalized before she talked to Kody about it.

It’s also odd that Meri Brown hasn’t tweeted anything since July 30. She used to share numerous inspirational messages with her fans on an almost-daily basis, but now she’s gone completely silent. Perhaps she’s just trying to build a little drama by avoiding social media — Meri’s lengthy absence will get Sister Wives fans all worked up, so they’ll just have to tune into the show to see what’s going on with her.

Sister Wives fans don’t just have more divorce fallout to look forward to during Season 6 — they’ll also get to see Robyn Brown’s birth announcement. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Robyn and Kody are expecting their second child together, and Robyn’s due date is January 7. She recently shared an update on the size of her bun in the oven.

Season 6 of Sister Wives premieres Sunday, September 13 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. Do you think Meri Brown will leave the family at some point during the show?

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