WWE Rumors: Backstage Update On Sting’s Status For ‘Monday Night Raw’ — Go-Home Show For ‘Night Of Champions’

WWE is prepping to present the annual pay-per-view known as Night of Champions in just a little over a week, and many great matches are already in place. One of the biggest is the icon known as Sting taking on Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and some wonder if Sting is going to show his face again before the match. That is the big question — will Sting be on the go-home show of Monday Night Raw?

According to PW Insider, Sting will indeed be on Raw on Monday night for the go-home show to Night of Champions. He is set to confront Seth Rollins for one final time before their big WWE Title match at the PPV.

It is no surprise that WWE is going to have Sting on television yet again as this is quite a historic event in wrestling history. Sting will be having his first ever title match in WWE, and it could honestly be his only and his last.

wwe night of champions wwe title

The possibility that Sting could win the WWE World Heavyweight Title is bringing a lot of attention to the company, and that is obvious by the boost in ratings the last couple of weeks. Fans are truly interested to see what he will do next, and it’s actually giving wrestling a bit of a nostalgic feel.

WWE.com is promoting this Monday night’s Raw as the season premiere, and there is even a preview asking how Seth Rollins will retaliate against Sting.

This past week on Raw, Sting still had the statue of Seth Rollins and decided to play mind games with the WWE champ for the whole show. At the end of the night, Sting pushed the statue into a garbage compactor and had it crushed into small pieces.

A lot of rumors are flying around about Night of Champions and how the two championship matches for Seth Rollins could go. It looks like the WWE Title match may start the night off and Rollins’ United States Title match with John Cena could be the main event.

By WWE standards and history, it just doesn’t bode well for Sting if his match is earlier in the night. Sting winning the title would be a huge moment in wrestling history, and it’s just hard to think that moment would not close out the show.

This upcoming week will have the go-home show for Night of Champions, and yes, Sting will be present for Monday Night Raw. That final showdown between him and Seth Rollins could give fans more of a hint as to how the WWE Title match may end up going down.

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