Pedophile Gang Raped Babies For Internet Perverts

A vile pedophile gang of seven men have been sentenced to 78 years in prison after their horrific crimes were discovered by authorities. The Daily Mail reports that John Denham, Matthew Lisk, Adam Toms, Christopher Knight, David Harsley, and Robin Hollyson were among members of the group who committed numerous crimes against children that spanned in age from infants to toddlers and preschoolers. The details of this case are nothing short of horrific, bringing attention to crimes against children, not only in the United Kingdom, but worldwide.

The crimes committed by the seven convicts stretch across a span of at least three years, during which time they groomed their victims as well as their victims’ families. Robin Hollyson, one of the convicted seven, had groomed a pregnant woman and her unborn child’s father in hopes of getting access to their baby once it was born. That was the least of the offenses committed by what is being described the worst pedophile gang investigated in recent history.

The Guardian reports that the England-based gang had “tentacles that spread across the world.” The seven convicted men in the gang not only groomed their victims and their family members, they had access to multiple children, which they abused sexually both on and off camera. On more than one occasion the vile pedophiles reported raped infants and toddlers while streaming their behavior on the internet for other pedophiles across the world.

On top of their horrific crimes against children, the men also coached other pedophiles across the globe on how to drug their victims and avoid injury so as to fly under the radar and continue their behavior. It is because of their laundry list of activities that the courts in Britain showed no mercy in regards to their sentences. They were all given a total of 78 years in prison, meaning that they may never again see freedom — which is for the best, considering they’ve shown no sympathy for their own victims. Of the seven gang members convicted, at least three of them were previously-convicted sex offenders.

This isn’t the first time pedophile gangs have made headlines in the U.K., or Europe in general. In regards to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, multiple pedophiles and suspected pedophile clubs have been investigated. However, nobody has ever been convicted or even charged with her disappearance. That hasn’t stopped the wide speculation that she became a victim of one of these widespread groups in Europe.

[Photo: Mugshot collection via Bristol Crown Court]