Petra Laszlo Apologizes: Fired Hungarian Camerawoman Apologizes For Kicking, Tripping Migrants

Petra Laszlo, the Hungarian camerawoman who was fired after she was caught on camera tripping and kicking migrants, has apologized for her conduct. A video showing Laszlo kicking and deliberately tripping a man running with his child in his hand went viral earlier this week after which she earned worldwide criticism. Laszlo was also seen kicking a small girl, amongst other migrants.

The Hungarian camerawoman, who worked for Hungary’s N1TV station, ended up losing her job after her conduct was played across TV screens and social media networks across the globe. The TV station issued a statement in which they termed Petra’s behavior “unacceptable.” The video is embedded below.

Two days after the incident, Petra Laszlo has issued an apology and has responded to allegations that accused her of being racist towards the migrants. According to CNN, in her version of the events, Petra claims that everything that happened was all a misunderstanding, one for which she is sorry. A letter written by Petra to Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet claims that the her reaction was in response to the scary rush of migrants who burst through a police cordon. Laszlo added that her reaction was all due to the ensuing panic in which she feared she would be attacked by the fleeing migrants.

She writes, “I am very sorry for the incident, and as a mother I am especially sorry for the fact that fate pushed a child in my way. I did not see that at that moment. I started to panic and as I re-watch the film, it seems as it was not even me.”

Petra adds further, “I do not deserve the political witch-hunts against me, nor the smears or the death threats. I’m just a woman, and now an unemployed mother of small children, who made a bad decision in a situation of panic. I am truly sorry.”

While the letter might clarify Petra’s side of the story, it will not be enough to stop an ongoing investigation that was launched against Laszlo by the Hungarian government. She has been accused of committing a public nuisance offense. This has been confirmed by an official from the public prosecutor’s office in Szeged.

Hungary was at the center of media attention earlier this week after the country turned into a key transit point for migrants who are on their way towards western Europe in search of a better life away from the war-torn Middle East.

Do you think Petra Laszlo is telling the truth? Was it all just a misunderstanding as she claims?

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]