Justin Lawson: Oklahoma City Man Accused Of Raping 2-Year-Old Sheleah Cudjo So Brutally That She Bled To Death

Justin Lawson is accused of raping 2-year-old Sheleah Cudjo so brutally that the toddler died of blood loss, and now the family of the murdered girl is demanding justice.

The disturbing crime took place in Oklahoma City, where police say Lawson, 22, sexually assaulted his girlfriend’s young daughter while her mother was in class.

Lawson was alone watching the girl when he called the girl’s mother, Keah, to say that Sheleah wasn’t feeling well.

“I got a call that she peed on herself and was shaking. I tried to come home, but he said she was all right,” the girl’s mother told KFOR.

But Lawson called again a few hours later, saying the girl had gotten worse and was now vomiting. Keah rushed home to check on her daughter and found the toddler foaming at the mouth.

Keah said she screamed for someone to take her to the hospital. Police were called to say the girl wasn’t breathing, and paramedics tried to work on the little girl for an hour, butwere not able to revive Sheleah.

“They told me by the time I got here, she was already dead and there was nothing I could do. She had lost too much blood,” Keah Cudjo said.

A medical examiner said Sheleah Cudjo suffered a sexual assault so violent that it caused a number of internal injuries. The little girl lost a large amount of blood, the report found.

Keah knew Lawson for years, but the two only recently started dating. Other family members said they can’t understand how someone could do something so terrible to a child so young and helpless.

“You don’t look at a child like that. That’s wrong,” said the victim’s aunt, Sabrina Cudjo. “All my sister was trying to do was better herself and get on her feet. And you do this and now everything is crumbling for us.”

The girl’s aunt could barely contain their anger toward Justin Lawson.

“I want him dead. I want him to suffer the same way Auntie’s baby suffered. Because you don’t do a 2-year-old like that. That’s wrong,” Sabrina added.

Family members have started a GoFundMe account to help pay for Sheleah’s funeral. The campaign has raised more than $2,000 of its $3,000 goal and attracted comments from across the country.

Justin Lawson has been arrested on charges of first-degree murder and rape for the alleged killing of Sheleah Cudjo.

[Image via GoFundMe page]