Toddler Breaks Into Tears When Her Dad Tells Her She Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend [Video]

A video of a little girl bursting into tears as she insists she has a boyfriend is spreading across the internet. Chelsea Kirkland, the mother of two-year-old Kennedy Kirkland, posted a video of her daughter on Facebook with the following comment about how the young girl insisted she has a boyfriend.

“Kennedy came home last night and told her daddy she has a boyfriend and he told her she couldn’t have one so she started crying! I had to video this! I’m sure this is the first of many arguments over boyfriends but we didn’t expect the first one to be at 2!”

ABC News saw the video of Kennedy crying about her boyfriend, and conducted a brief interview with Chelsea.

Chelsea explained how the toddler behaves around her dad, Caleb.

“She loves arguing with her daddy and she fake-cries over stuff all the time to get more attention. We literally live in a one-gas-station, one-red-light town. It’s very small and I usually get 30 or 40 ‘likes’ on a video. I have no idea how it got out as much as it did.”

On Sept. 6, Chelsea Kirkland of Millry, Alabama, said her husband and her filmed their daughter insisting she has a boyfriend named Jared.

“Jared is her uncle’s roommate. He plays football in college, so we went to the game with my brother and she saw him there, so she informed us that he was he boyfriend. We thought it was so funny.”

After her dad broke the news that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, Kennedy cried, “Daddy said I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Caleb continued joking with Kennedy, telling her she’s not allowed to date boys until she is 50 years old.

Kimberly Gardner, a Facebook follower of Chelsea, commented about the video

“Every time this shows up in my news feed I have to watch it again! It’s just too funny!”

Candace Hope Clarke added another Facebook post after viewing the video of young Kennedy.

“That’s the cutest way I’ve ever hear boyfriend pronounced!”

Nikki Newell shared her reaction to Kennedy’s video.

“I watched it several times. Miss Kennedy is famous!”

The video of two-year-old Kennedy Kirkland crying after her dad adamantly denied she has a boyfriend named Jared received close to 6 million views on Facebook so far.

Chelsea plans to keep the video for prosperity.

“For now, to satisfy her, he said 50 is OK. We’ll definitely keep this for when she gets older, goes on her first date, or gets married.”

[Featured image via Chelsea Kirkland/Facebook]