Florida Man Arrested For Plotting Scathing Bomb Attack On 9/11 Memorial

A Florida man has been arrested by federal officials for allegedly plotting a bomb attack on a 9/11 memorial event in Kansas City.

Joshua Goldberg, 20, of Orange Park, Florida, is charged with providing information on how to make a bomb to an online associate. According to an announcement made Thursday by U.S. Attorney A. Lee Bentley, III, he planned to put a bomb made of an exploding pressure cooker device near a 9/11 ceremony in Kansas City, Missouri.

USA Today reports that Goldberg gave instructions on how to make the bomb to the informant from July to September. The bomb was to be filled with nails and metal dipped in rat poison. CBS News reports that he had been under surveillance for weeks and was not aware that his online associate was actually an FBI informant.

According to the official affidavit, Goldberg is being charged with a violation of the illegal distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction. He faces up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted.

Goldberg first drew attention following the attack on the Texas “Draw Muhammad” event, according to the Blaze. Court documents state that he was initially tied to a Twitter account that contained posts sympathizing with the Islamic State-inspired shooting at a Texas exhibition earlier this year.

USA Today reports that on June 9, he had posted a comment on a website using the name “AusWitness,” boasting of having “encouraged” the Texas attack.

“I have a vast network of mujahideen around the world, and will continue to inspire and coordinate jihad attacks around the world.”

In July, the FBI arranged for an informant to begin exchanging messages with Goldberg. Their conversations included links to websites that contained information on how to build a bomb.

“Where will the most people be in Kansas City on 9/11? That’s where we need to target.”

Goldberg reportedly instructed the informant to plant the bomb at the Kansas City Stair Climb, an event where firefighters and members of the community come together to honor those who died on 9/11.

“Where do you think would be best? Near the firefighters or the crowd?” the informant asked Goldberg. His answer was chilling.

“Put the backpack near the crowd. But make sure it’s in a place where the (police) won’t think anything of it.”

CNN reports that he told the informant he had never made a bomb before but had “studied how to make them.”

“Get FAR away from the bomb, brother. There’s going to be chaos when it goes off. Shrapnel, blood and panicking kuffar will be everywhere.”

According to the official affidavit, when Goldberg was arrested on Wednesday, he admitted to planning the bomb attack on the event.

“In general, Joshua Goldberg claimed that he intended for the individual to either kill himself creating the bomb or, if not, that he intended to alert law enforcement just prior to the individual detonating the bomb, resulting in Joshua Goldberg to receive credit for stopping the attack.”

Do you think that 20 years in federal prison is enough punishment for planning a bomb attack?

[Image via 2013 Kansas City Stair Climb]