Louisiana Waitress Surprises Police Officers With Kind Gesture, Act Of Kindness Goes Viral [Photo]

You often read stories about kind gestures made toward waitresses by strangers. In most cases, unassuming waitresses and servers have been known to receive hefty tips by kind strangers. But by the time they realize the gift they’ve received, the person is gone. However, there have been rare occasions where the act of kindness involves the waitress doing the giving.

Now, one waitress has been commended by thousands of social media users for her consideration of local police officers. According to Opposing Views, three police officers recently dined at the Ichiban Sushi Bar & Japanese in Baton Rouge, LA. For the most part, their dining experience was relatively typical, but things took an interesting turn when it was time for them to pay for their meal. Apparently, the waitress Crystal Gordon had already paid the tab. Instead of receiving a bill for their meal, they received a receipt with a pleasant note written on it.

Here’s the note she left on the police officers’ receipt:

“Thank you for what y’all do for us every day. Have a safe and bless day. I thought the least I could do is buy lunch.”

Needless to say, the officers — Brandon Blust, Dustin Conde, and Fred Thorton — were quite taken by the kind gesture, In fact, they were so pleased by the act of kindness, they decided to express their gratitude by making her actions public. According to Officers.com, they snapped a photo of the receipt and passed it on to the BRPD Public Information Office. The photo, along with a note from the officers, has been uploaded to the Baton Rouge Police Department Facebook page.

Their brief note was a response to the kind gesture. “Crystal at Ichiban did this great gesture of kindness,” the officers’ note reads. “When we thanked her she broke down in tears and told us how sad she was because of how people have been targeting police. We all couldn’t stop from sharing this emotional moment and how much we appreciate the great people of this city. Thank you Crystal for showing us all what a great city we live and work in! Your compassion and generosity have touched all of us at the BRPD!”

The heartwarming Facebook post has received more than 48,000 likes and over 15,000 shares from social media users who have also lauded Gordon for her kindness.

[Image via Baton Rouge Police Department; Facebook]