WWE News: WWE Still Unwilling To Sign Kurt Angle

Former WWE and TNA world champion Kurt Angle made it clear earlier this week that he doesn’t intend to re-sign with TNA after his contract expires at the end of this year, and that he plans on taking a break from wrestling.

Angle, who has been in TNA since 2006, has been wanting to go back to WWE for the last couple of years. But whenever his TNA deal has expired, WWE has refused to put an offer on the table to acquire his services. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE is still uninterested in bringing Angle in.

On Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez briefly covered the subject of Angle not re-signing with TNA, and when Alvarez brought up that Angle said he was taking a break from wrestling, and that he wouldn’t be signing with WWE anytime soon, Meltzer responded by saying, “WWE doesn’t want him.”

According to Angle, when his contract expired last fall, he had a meeting set up with WWE, which was cancelled by WWE at the last minute. Angle never got an explanation as to why the meeting was cancelled.

Angle also isn’t in the good graces of Triple H, who is in charge of talent relations at WWE. According to multiple reports, Angle called Triple H last fall to see if WWE would hire him. After Triple H told Angle that WWE wasn’t interested in bringing him in, Angle called Vince McMahon and expressed his interest in returning to WWE. McMahon then told Angle that he wasn’t in charge of bringing in talent, and that he needed to call Triple H. Needless to say, Triple H wasn’t happy with Angle trying to go over his head.

When Angle was released by WWE in 2006, he didn’t leave the company under the best of circumstances. Almost immediately after he left and signed with TNA, he bashed both Vince McMahon and Triple H, calling McMahon “The Devil,” and saying that “I respect Triple H as a wrestler, but not as a person.” Angle has since retracted both statements.

There is a chance that WWE may be interested in signing Kurt Angle, but not as an active wrestler due to Angle’s history of neck issues, which have only gotten worse over the years. Angle, of course, wants at least one more match in WWE and has named guys like Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar as wrestlers he would like to get in the ring with if he returns to WWE.

[Image via Wrestling News]