WWE News: Update On Daniel Bryan’s Return To The Ring

WWE’s product has been hot and cold lately as the brand struggles to retain star power. One of the company’s biggest stars, Daniel Bryan, still has no clue when he’s going to be back in the ring.

Bryan, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, spoke to The National in Abu Dhabi during a press tour for WWE 2K16 and said that his return to the WWE ring is still up in the air.

“I have no idea. I wish I could give you a solid answer. I feel great. I have been cleared by doctors. But getting the WWE to clear me has been a little bit sticky, given my concussion history. They are just looking out for my best interests. We are trying to get with more doctors to get me more support to get me back in the ring as soon as possible.”

Bryan has been sidelined with a concussion since April, when he was injured during the WWE’s European tour. Bryan was later forced to vacate his Intercontinental Championship, which he won at WrestleMania 31.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart was the first to reveal that Bryan’s injury issue was concussion related, which is the same kind of injury that ended his own career. Hart stated that he thought the injury will also end Bryan’s career.

This is a rather interesting situation in that Daniel Bryan says that a highly respected doctor has cleared him to wrestle. Bryan noted that the doctor served as a neurologist for the Super Bowl and is more than qualified to clear him, but the WWE is still hesitant to give him the go-ahead.

If Bryan does get clearance, he has a good idea of the programs he wants to be involved in.

“My number one dream match is Brock Lesnar. And I want that to be a WrestleMania match. I don’t know if the WWE will ever let that happen, because they might be afraid he might legitimately hurt me pretty bad. But I would like to do a major pay-per-view match with Cesaro. I’d like to to do a major pay-per-view match with Seth Rollins. I’d love do a major pay-per-view match with Stardust. We have so many talented people on the roster that I’d love to have a match on pay per view or we have a story to work through together.”

Bryan has three years left on his current WWE contract, and he has said that he’s growing more and more frustrated about not being able to wrestle despite considering himself fully healthy.

[Image via Valerie Macon/Getty Images Sports]