Candace Cameron Bure Begs For ‘The View’ Support To Combat ‘Hateful And Downright Nasty’ Liberals — Here’s Why She Doesn’t Deserve Any Sympathy

Candace Cameron Bure The View

Candace Cameron Bure and Joy Behar are slowly being ushered in this week as new co-hosts on the troubled ABC program The View. Candace and Joy have come after a period of such high-turnover, that longtime host Whoopi Goldberg even joked about the “revolving door” of women on the show.

Still, there is a certain chemistry that sticks with the show through these massive line-up overhauls. Rounding out the group as the most conservative panelist, Cameron Bure is set to fill in the shoes of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Nicole Wallace. Just like those women, Candace is painfully aware of the fact that she’ll be attracting hoards of criticism for airing her views on topics like gay marriage and abortion.

Clearly anxious about the backlash to her joining The View, Cameron Bure posted on her personal Facebook asking for support on social media. Candace complained that online she was mostly met with “liberals (whom I love)” that are “mean hateful and downright nasty toward me,” reported E!

“It’s incredibly disheartening to read. And while I know I have the support of many, most of those supporters don’t vocalize it on social media. So all I read and the view hears are the negative and discouraging comments I am tagged to that call me a vile discussing [sic] worthless and bigoted human being… in addition to your prayers, please encourage me if you watch the show. Please tag the view on your social media outlets if you have anything kind to say about me or my viewpoint.”

In the post, Cameron Bure also alluded to the first controversy about her new job. On her first day on The View, Candace was not brought on until after a segment about the arrest and subsequent release of Kim Davis. Cameron Bure warned her Facebook friends that her first day the show might be “anti-climactic” because she did not appear on the entire program, and she cryptically told friends to “Tune in to find out why.”

Candace ended her post with a call for her followers to “be a voice” so that the show’s audience would be able to get “more than one point of View,” which is where Cameron Bure’s call to arms really falls apart. While Candace is actively campaigning for people to speak out in her favor, she’s also diminishing those who speak out against her homophobic views as merely mean-spirited. She’s not just asking for people to defend her; she’s looking for the response to be divided in her favor.

Undoubtedly, unacceptable threatening remarks have been made toward Cameron Bure, but these posts are the same kind of thing that reality TV villains and joke political candidates face. Candace can’t simultaneously put herself in the public eye with a co-host spot on The View and shield herself from negativity that comes along with having a unpopular perspective on a heated issue.

Even on The View, her views on the overlap between LGBT issues and religious freedom are unlikely to be received warmly. When Cameron Bure appeared as a guest host in July, Raven Symone grew visibly irritated with her as Candace argued that the Oregon bakery where a gay couple was refused a wedding cake did so under their First Amendment rights.

What Cameron Bure is asking for here is a revival to a time that have long since past. According to Gallup, the majority of the American population now supports gay marriage. Gay rights activists confronted a negative, and often violent, opposition to reach these numbers. If Candace Cameron Bure wants the notoriety that comes along with being on a left-leaning show like The View, she also needs to graciously deal with the fact that she’s going to make people angry. How does she think Whoopi and Raven would fare on Fox and Friends?

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