'General Hospital' Spoilers: Will Sonny's Shooting Lead Son Michael Into Taking His Place As Mob Boss?

Life for the Corinthos family is about to change on General Hospital, as mob boss Sonny Corinthos is now clinging to life after being shot on the day of his wedding. He was about to marry Carly when he got sidetracked by TJ Ashford's kidnapping. It was an ambush and now that the groom is barely alive, his territory is wide open. Who will take over while Sonny recovers in the hospital? According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it will be Michael Quartermaine, formerly known as Corinthos, who ends up taking over.

Is this even logical? Michael said that he wants no part of the mob life after growing up seeing bloodshed and fearing for his life and the lives of his family. In fact, he has made it a point to run far away from it and even change his name. Why would he even consider taking over as a mob boss?

It may all make sense if you really think about it. Michael knows the business almost too well. Being the oldest son that actually grew up with knowing how it all works and being so close to hitman Jason Morgan since he was young, he has pretty much seen it all.

General Hospital has focused on the mob wars for so long that viewers have either loved it or hated it. As CDL pointed out, Michael killed Claudia Zacchara and had also killed Kobe, one of Luke's henchmen. Even though he was just trying to protect both his mom and Rosalie in these incidents, this is proof that he is certainly capable of doing whatever it takes to protect the people that he cares about, just as his mobster dad does.

In yesterday's episode, the conversation between Maxie, Lulu, and Sabrina was at the forefront as Maxie brought Michael's girlfriend up to speed on his past. Sabrina was appalled just thinking that her new beau has killed before and has spent time in prison. She only knows him as the sweet guy that did all he could to keep his baby sister away from the life of the mob.

This may be upsetting to some General Hospital fans as they have come to love this new couple. Michael has finally found happiness with Sabrina Santiago, and it would be a shame to break them up if he takes over for Sonny. Or maybe Sabrina becomes the new Carly and learns to just live with it.

Speaking of Carly, she is now in vigil at the hospital still in her wedding dress, waiting to see if Sonny lives or dies. Michael and Morgan are also standing by, as well as Sam and Jake. According to ABC spoilers, Morgan Corinthos is about to make a threat to someone, and the likely recipient will be Julian Jerome, who is the suspected shooter.

It also seems that Jake, aka Jason Morgan, is getting sucked deeper into Sonny's life without even knowing why. He was the one who kept him alive after being shot. In fact, Sonny said to Jake, "I knew you would come," which referred to all of the times that Jason had come to his rescue. This is all leading up to the big Jason Morgan reveal that General Hospital has promised is coming soon.

It would be interesting if the big reveal happens during the time that Michael takes over for Sonny. Jason Morgan working as a hitman for the child that he helped to raise could be a twist.

How do you feel about Michael possibly becoming a mob boss? Do you think that his relationship with Sabrina can survive this?

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