WWE News: Huge Spoiler For John Cena Vs Seth Rollins United States Title Match At ‘WWE Night Of Champions’ PPV

As we all know by now, WWE United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has a tall task ahead of him at WWE Night of Champions. Not only will he have to put his WWE World Title on the line against Sting in the main event of the evening, he will also have to compete against John Cena for the WWE United States Title as Cena has cashed in his rematch for the title on this night.

There are only a few possibilities that could come from the event. Rollins could lose one or both titles, or he could retain them both. WWE could make Seth Rollins into a legend if he took down two future WWE Hall of Famers in the same night.

Few people have accomplished such things, however, it looks like Seth Rollins will not be one of the few. According to the Wrestling Observer, it looks as if John Cena will win back the WWE United States Championship. WWE has ordered a large shipment of John Cena U.S. Title merchandise that they plan to put back on the shelves if Cena wins.

It can be assumed that WWE would not order such merchandise unless they planned for Cena to win at the Night of Champions PPV.

There is also a big indication that Seth Rollins could lose both titles that night.

The idea now is for Cena to win back his title, as mentioned above. However, when it comes to the WWE World Title, there are a few intriguing possibilities. Sting could very well beat Rollins to win his first WWE Championship. The idea then would be for Sheamus to cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity and take the WWE World Title the same night.

Rollins could also very well beat Sting, only for Sheamus to do the exact same to him.

Either way, the plan as of now is for Sheamus to walk out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions. That makes the Cena loss intriguing. It makes one wonder why WWE would put the U.S. Title on Rollins, only for him to lose a month later. It would make sense for him to beat Cena in a random way to somehow hold onto his U.S. Title and then losing the WWE World Title wouldn’t automatically leave him without gold.

As of now, it does appear that WWE will go with Seth Rollins losing both. However, the WWE can change things at a moment’s notice. That said, we very well could see a complete 180 with plans even rumored for months.

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