Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Kam Chancellor Addresses Salary Demands, Rumors On Trade

Seattle Seahawks rumors have Kan Chancellor finally addressing the media. Many Seahawks rumors have indicated that it is Chancellor’s agent doing all the talking, but on Wednesday, September 9, he talked about his salary demands with the press. A report from CBS Sports gives some new insight on the situation and why Chancellor has continued his holdout with just days before the 2015 NFL regular season begins.

Chancellor states that he is not asking for much, and that “this deal could have been over with.” The All-Pro safety is claiming that he just wants part of his 2017 salary pushed into the 2016 NFL season. He is slated to make $6.8 million for that 2017 NFL season, and doesn’t see the big deal about having his contract adjusted. Maybe that is because his agent hasn’t tried hard enough to explain to his client how the NFL salary cap works.

There have been a lot of previous Seattle Seahawks rumors about Kam Chancellor, but this is likely one that is going to frustrate fans the most. He is referencing a contract that still has three years left on it, and is hinting that a future holdout could be coming. What reason could a player want to get his 2017 money during the 2016 season? That he plans to holdout (again) following the 2016 season to get another raise. That’s not something that the front office in Seattle wants to deal with, which is why they continue to push back against these demands.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Seattle has no real interest in trading the heart of its defense, especially because he could immediately help out another franchise. There is just no incentive for the Seahawks to deal Chancellor, especially since he is locked up for the prime years of his NFL career. Even if he decides that he wants to miss the entire 2015 season, the Seahawks will have him as an option for 2016. The catch is that they won’t have to pay him until he reports, showing how the team has no real incentive to cave.

If Kam Chancellor had only one year left on his contract, he might have some leverage to use in these negotiations. Instead, he is showing other players on the team that they don’t need to honor a deal that has four years left on it. Nobody forced Chancellor to sign this contract, and he could have agreed to a different deal if he didn’t like the terms. As far as Seattle Seahawks rumors go, this is going to continue to be a distraction when the regular season starts, so Chancellor is hurting his team and teammates by creating this mess.

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