Seattle Seahawks Trade Rumors: Team Says Kam Chancellor Not Available?

Seattle Seahawks trade rumors still include safety Kam Chancellor. These Seahawks rumors were addressed on Monday, September 7, when head coach Pete Carroll spoke about them. A report from ESPN states that several teams have made inquiries about Chancellor, likely with the intent to figure out what it would take to pry him away from Seattle. It certainly shows how much interest other franchises have in the best safety in the league. Carroll was quoted on the situation as well.

“There have been a couple phone calls from other teams, people just kind of wondering what’s going on. We really are not interested in talking to them about that, so we don’t.”

Another report from Ian Rapoport at suggests that Chancellor isn’t available at all. Rapoport says that the Seahawks don’t want to trade Chancellor, proving that the overtures from other teams haven’t resonated within Seattle. That indicates that the front office in Seattle is intent on waiting out Chancellor and not caving to demands of a pay raise or a trade at any point.

There have been many Seattle Seahawks trade rumors since the day that Kam Chancellor (through his agent) indicated he was ready to hold out during the NFL preseason. Teams like the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles have made overtures, and it’s hard to blame them for that effort. Chancellor could be a difference maker for any franchise, with coaches and general managers around the league knowing that quite well. The two that know it best are Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

When it comes to making a trade, Seattle holds all the cards here. The team doesn’t have to pay Chancellor during the holdout, plus it could get back part of the bonus money that has already been paid. There is absolutely no incentive to sending an All-Pro safety to another team that could use him against the Seahawks. Especially if that team already resides in the NFC and could become an opponent in the 2016 NFL Playoffs. It’s just smart business to let him sit out the season if that’s what Chancellor wants to do.

It is certainly easy to project how many future draft picks the Seahawks could acquire in a Kam Chancellor trade, the downside is that he would immediately make another franchise much better. There are likely to be more Seattle Seahawks trade rumors that come up until Chancellor reports, but none of them seem to have really caught the attention of Carroll and Schneider. Both hope that Dion Bailey is only filling in for a short amount of time.

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