Newborn Baby Girl With Cancerous Brain Tumor Defies The Odds

Newborn baby girl Abigail Noelle Jones is one special little lady. As an 18-week-old fetus, she was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Sadly, an ultrasound at 30 weeks gestation showed the growth of a brain tumor, which turned out to be cancerous. The baby girl was not expected to live past birth, but she has defied the odds and not only survived birth, but has actually gone home with her parents.

The baby girl’s parents, Erika and Stephen Jones, have turned to their faith in God to see them through this difficult time.

“God quickly worked on our hearts and His peace surpassed our fear.”

According to 9 News, the baby girl was born on August 6, looking much more hale and hearty than the doctors and her parents expected.

“Our expectation was that we wouldn’t have much time with Abigail after she was born, but our hearts leapt with joy when a beautiful pink baby girl came out screaming (and pooping!).

“She is moving, nursing, squawking, sticking out her tongue, opening her eyes, holding our fingers, and doing all things a baby does. She has blown us away and surpassed every expectation.

“God has blessed us with countless precious moments that we did not think we would have.

“He will keep us standing and moving forward.”

The Huffington Post reports that an MRI conducted after the baby girl was born confirmed the brain tumor is cancerous. The tumor is inoperable, and Abigail cannot undergo chemotherapy treatment due to her young age.

Mary Huszcza, of 8.08 Photography, read of their plight and offered her services as a photographer. During the photo shoot, she tried to keep her emotions in check, which proved very difficult.

“Stephen and Erika were talking to Abigail, praying over her, and loving her so deeply it was impossible to not be affected by the moment.

“People want to see stories like this because it reminds us all, that despite the pain and violence and ugliness so present in society today, there truly are pockets of utter beauty.”

Stephen and Erika have taken their baby girl home and plan to cover her with love for every moment they are blessed to have her.

“The neurosurgeon recommended that we take Abigail home and cover her with love. So we did and pediatric hospice will help us navigate the journey to come.

“We have smothered this little one with love and kisses and will continue to do so every moment we get. This situation is tragic and unbelievably difficult.”

Baby girl Abigail has proven to be a fighter, one who has already moved well beyond what was expected. Perhaps this baby girl will continue to grow and thrive.

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