Apple Event Rumors: What To Expect

Every year, toward the end of the year, Apple holds an event designed to show off the most recent in technological innovation. Also, every year, as we get closer to the Apple Event, rumors start to spread like wildfire. Today, we’ll talk about what Apple is likely to show off at this year’s event, as well as what could happen that would send Apple stock skyrocketing. So, let’s get right to it…

Apple Event Rumors

As we’ve come to expect, there are several rumors flying around about this year’s Apple event. However, unlike previous years, there aren’t rumors of big news coming out. Everything seems to be minor updates. Here’s what we’re hearing in online chatter as of now…

  • iPhone 6s Is Coming – Every year, Apple has consistently released updates to its iPhone at this event; and in doing so, they’ve created somewhat of a pattern. On even years, the Apple releases brand new versions of its phone at the event. So, we will see names like Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and so on when the phone is mentioned at the event. On odd years, Apple tends to do minor updates to be shown off at the event and adds an s to the name. This year is odd, so, experts are expecting Apple to add an s to the iPhone 6; making it the iPhone 6s. Experts aren’t expecting anything special from the iPhone update at this year’s event. There has been some chatter about an updated camera, a new color option, and possible faster speeds, but that’s been about it.
  • Apple TV – Another product that experts are expecting Apple to makeover and show off at this year’s event is the Apple TV. Essentially, Apple hasn’t done very well with the set top box; and at this year’s event, experts are expecting to see that change. According to online chatter on Vox, Apple will be showing off new siri capabilities; making it so that consumers can control their TV through voice commands.
  • Apple News – Finally, experts are expecting one new product to rear up at the event this year. Rumors suggest that Apple will be launching Apple News; a product that gives consumers a better way to read the news.

While all of these products are expected to be seen at the event, no one really knows what to expect until the Apple event actually takes place. This year, the company has been overwhelmingly secretive; so, we may be surprised.

How The Apple Event Could Push The Stock Up

According to Value Walk, Apple has a real chance at pushing their stock up through the event. After all, investors aren’t expecting to see much. So, if Apple did come out with a product that had a real “wow” factor to it at this year’s event, investors are likely to get incredibly excited. While I think the chances are slim, it definitely could happen.

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