Yolanda Foster Tweets Of ‘Character’ Amid Reports Of ‘RHOBH’ Lyme Disease Drama

Yolanda Foster shared an odd tweet about “character” just two days before news of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ co-stars’ alleged Lyme disease doubts hit the web. On September 8, Yolanda Foster posted the following message to fans.

Although Yolanda Foster has yet to confirm or deny her return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 6, rumors have continued to swirl regarding whether or not she’ll return, and on September 8, a Radar Online source claimed she may quit. According to the report, it was Yolanda Foster’s co-stars’ reported doubts about her illness, which had her convinced a return may not be her best move.

Yolanda Foster is “very reluctant to return full time to the show because she feels that producers have pitted the ladies against her regarding the Lyme disease diagnosis,” an insider told Radar Online.

Yolanda Foster’s potential season 6 co-stars include Taylor Armstrong, who returns to the show after taking a couple of seasons off due to her new marriage to attorney John Bluher, and her temporary move to Colorado. However, at this point, it is not believed that Armstrong will appear in a full-time role. Still, her drama has allegedly caused quite a stir with her co-stars.

“Taylor Armstrong has been other cast members are riled up about [Yolanda Foster]’s health, and questioning if the diagnosis is as bad as Yolanda says. Yolanda doesn’t even know Taylor. How is she qualified to know about Yolanda’s diagnosis and treatment?”

Although Yolanda Foster has been doing a bit better after doctors removed a leaky implant last month, the Radar Online source claimed she’s far from 100 percent.

“Even though [Yolanda Foster]’s health has been improving since the breast implants were taken out, she is weak, and needs to take frequent naps.”

Yolanda Foster initially wanted to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 6 “to raise awareness for finding a cure for Lyme Disease,” said the source. “But she doesn’t want Lyme Disease to become a punch line on the show. She is open to appearing on certain occasions.”

Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, and suffered a setback late last year. At the time, she was filming the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and was thus limited when it came to her participation in the reunion.

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