Harry Styles Acting Quirky As Tour Ends But ‘Determined To Do Good’

Harry Styles has rocked headlines by correcting a fan’s grammar, but it appears his life is growing progressively eccentric in the weeks before One Direction ends their North American tour. Regardless, insiders close to Harry Styles allege that he is “determined to do good.”

Harry Styles’ uncharacteristic behavior seemed to start around the end of August. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harry Styles was seen on August 29 (Liam Payne’s birthday) hanging out without One Direction near a college campus in the Philadelphia suburbs. Interestingly, Harry Styles never addressed why he dissed Liam Payne’s birthday.

Weirdness only continued to gain speed in Harry Styles’ life, and on September 1, the famous Harry Styles grammar correction incident took place at One Direction’s Philadelphia concert, according to a report by CBS News.

After the fan corrected their grammar on their 1D sign, Harry Styles ended the eccentric interaction by autographing the sign. During the same concert, Harry Styles was hit in the face with a water bottle as they were closing their performance, according to Business Standard.

They stated, “[Harry] Styles’ mother also waded into the furor, initially scolding audience members who were throwing things, but later asking fans to refrain from threatening [Hanna] Cooke [the water bottle thrower].”

Following that, Harry Styles was reported by Page Six to be out on the town in New York City on September 2, but he did not seem to want lady fans or other members of One Direction around. About Harry Styles’ evening out while the rest of One Direction was at the U.S. Open, they state the following.

“[Harry] Styles hit up Alphabet City celeb haunt Cabin Down Below and stayed at the bar drinking tequila until after 3 a.m. ‘He was having fun, hanging with his friends, drinking and doing shots. He didn’t really care who was around. It was a guys’ night,’ says a spy. Several women approached him, but he stuck to drinking with the boys.”

However, the real evidence that Harry Styles is becoming quirkier as the One Direction North American tour winds down was recorded in a review by the Montreal Gazette. On September 5, they write the following about Harry Styles’ distinct behavior during the One Direction show.

“Harry lost his marbles at one point, screaming and running around as he listed off his favorite Canadian things, getting more and more excited. First was Poutine. Second? Poutine. Third and fourth? You guessed it, poutine…. And so on, adding Canadian flags, a stuffed moose, bagels, Rocky, running for president and Michael Bublé. Harry returned a few songs later to apologize for his outburst, blaming the adrenaline.”

A memorable moment for many Harry Styles fans at the Montreal concert was the return of his rainbow flag used as a cape.

Following One Direction’s Montreal show on September 5, the Gay Times writes, “Describing him as ‘Captain Rainbow,’ fan’s have gone crazy on Twitter, proudly announcing their support of [Harry Styles’] move.”

Is Harry Styles’ fascination with a cape a sign that he will become a superhero one day? As it appears, Harry Styles might be wanting to get out all of his child-like energy before he settles down in 2016 to get serious about saving the lives of children.

According to a September 5 report by the Daily Star, insiders stated the following about Harry Styles and his heart of gold.

“[Harry Styles] reportedly wants to become a Unicef ambassador and help deprived kids in Africa and Asia. A source revealed: ‘Although Harry will be spending his time off writing and auditioning for movie parts, he also wants to give back to the youth. He knows he is incredibly privileged to live the lifestyle he does but Harry is determined to do good with his spare time.'”

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