‘Witcher 3’ New Expansion ‘Hearts Of Stone’ Gets Release Date, Physical Gwent Cards

Fans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can rejoice as the upcoming expansion, “Hearts of Stone,” has finally been given a release date. Due out October 13, the expansion sees to give players even more story to work through as you continue your journey as the master Witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

According to CD Projekt Red, the Witcher 3 developer, the “Hearts of Stone” expansion will give players over 10 hours of gameplay, introducing Witcher players to new characters, monsters, unique romances, and a story tailored to player decisions in the past. In the expansion, Geralt is tasked with defeating a ruthless bandit captain, Olgierd von Everec, who somehow possesses the power of immortality.

The expansion also adds a new gameplay mechanic called Runewords. The studio has yet to actually expand on what they mean in The Witcher 3, cryptically saying only that they will “impact different aspects of in-game mechanics, allowing players to experiment with various strategies and tactics.” More information as to what exactly Runewords are and how they work will undoubtedly be announced closer to the expansion’s launch.

Also announced today is the collector’s edition of the expansion pack. Witcher 3 players have been asking for a long while for the ability to play Gwent, the in-game card game played by many of The Witcher’s character’s throughout the gameworld, outside of the game itself. Well, if you drop $19.99 on the expansion, you’ll be pleased to know that the studio has listened.

The physical edition of the “Hearts of Stone” expansion set will only be available at select retailers, and will contain two master-crafted Gwent decks: a Monsters Deck and a Scoia’teal deck. Rafal Jaki has hinted at the possibility of releasing a Northern Realms and Nilgaard deck to the second Witcher 3: Wild Hunt expansion, “Blood and Wine,” but that isn’t a confirmed lock. The physical Gwent deck will include a collector’s box, two decks, a Gwent rule sheet, and plenty of markers and tokens to play Gwent with your friends and enemies.

If you’ve purchased the expansion pass and want to get in on the Gwent action, don’t fret either. Witcher 3 players who have already pre-purchased the digital edition of “Hearts of Stone” will still be able to purchase the Gwent decks, as well. Players need only go to a webpage CDPR has set up to allow players to redeem their pre-purchase and then subsequently purchase the Gwent decks. The decks themselves are not free, but you’ll still be able to get your hands on Gwent cards of your own.

Looking forward to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “Hearts of Stone” Expansion, which is available October 13, or simply waiting for the physical Gwent decks? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via CD Projekt RED]