Sarah Darlington Gets Apology For Email From S&S Estates Agent: ‘I’m Not Dealing With This B****’

An agent is learning a lot about how to respond to tenants who complain about needed repairs. Sarah Darlington, 29, was surprised to be called a “b****,” reports Metro, after reaching out to S&S Estates in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, about a broken security alarm. Apparently Sarah had been pretty patient — the alarm had been broken for two years — but recent crimes in the area caused Darlington to finally reach out and try to get it fixed by the folks who are supposed to fix such matters.

Instead, the paralegal who specializes in property law got an email that read, “I’m not dealing with this b****,” reports the Manchester Evening News. Although the accidental message that came from an S&S Estates worker was obviously not directed at Sarah, it shows how viral such a rude message can spread. Darlington hadn’t received an apology as of September 7, but by the time the email went worldwide, she got her mea culpa.

An agent apologized to Sarah for being called “b*****” in the email, reports the Manchester Evening News. The bosses at the Prestwich firm issued an apology for the slight.

The whole melee represents a lesson — not only in the “reply” versus “forward” versus “reply all” feature contained in most emailing programs, but in customer service as well. Sarah had already contacted S&S Estates, reports AOL Money UK, more than once about the broken burglar alarm, and Darlington felt the impetus to try once more when a thief was caught breaking in nearby. After all, Darlington pays good money for the flat that Sarah rents in West Didsbury, therefore a simple repair or replacement to a burglar alarm that should’ve been working wasn’t an unusual request.

However, the reply the real estate agency sent Sarah was definitely an unusual response — at least from a firm that likes to keep its good name. Now the S&S Estates firm, based in Kings Road, Sedgley, is busy doing public relations control and trying to repair the damage done by the email that has gone viral in a bad way.

The case of the rogue email gone viral that has caused S&S Estates to have to issue an apology brings to mind plenty of lessons learned in childhood. Those adages might include if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Or, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Either way, those lessons have surely been learned now.

[Image via Darlington email]