McDonald’s Vandalized After Inaccurate Order Angers Tennessee Men

A Tennessee McDonald’s was vandalized by two men after police say the pair received an inaccurate order and returned to the restaurant.

While you may feel a measure of rage after saying “no onions” or “no ketchup” at every portion of your dinner recitation (can I please have a number two, no onions- yes, two cheeseburgers, no onions, with a coke, medium. No onions, please, on the cheeseburgers) only to receive two cheeseburgers with what appears to be extra onions, have you ever gotten so mad you were inspired to vandalize a McDonald’s?

Amusingly, the story that concluded with a vandalized McDonald’s occurred over a surprisingly long period of time. While you might picture someone freaking out on the spot about an incorrect order, Christopher Slate, 21, and Sean Mosey, 23, got all the way home before they discovered that their cheeseburgers were in fact not as ordered.

According to The Smoking Gun and the Murfreesboro Police, the pair admits that they took their McDonald’s meals home to eat, where they discovered the error. Slate and Mosey ate their cheeseburgers and drank beer, but the simmering resentment over the audacity of the McDonald’s employees who messed up the duo’s burgers remained.

Evangeline Lucca Tasered at McDonald's Drive Thru

TSG explains:

“In an interview with cops, Slate said that the duo was ‘upset with McDonald’s because their cheeseburgers had been messed up.’ He then ‘advised that they went home and continued to drink beer and get worked up about the cheeseburgers.'”

It’s not clear how much time elapsed before the McDonald’s was vandalized, but the site continues:

“The men, Slate confessed, returned to McDonald’s and hurled a piece of concrete through the drive-thru window and tossed a brick through the eatery’s front window. An employee standing near the drive-thru window was struck by debris and suffered several lacerations on his left arm. The restaurant’s manager was struck in the leg by the concrete chunk.”

The pair were arrested at the scene of the vandalized McDonald’s, and are free on bond awaiting their court dates.