‘Ladies Of London’ Thanksgiving: Who Wore It Better?

They’re back! The Ladies of London are back, and let the squabbling begin over turkey. Yes, turkey. As cast member Caroline Stanbury commented, she was caught in the middle of Thanksgiving, and she didn’t even know what Thanksgiving is. It’s an American thing, and you just don’t understand Great Britain (and yes Annabelle, mashed yams with marshmallows are the bomb).

If you tuned in last night, you saw displaced Americans Marissa Hermer and Juliet Angus playing a bit of tug of war over friends, namely Brit Caroline Stanbury, over who will be where for Thanksgiving dinner in London (which also happens to be Angus’ birthday). The catch? Hermes has been having her ex-pat Thanksgiving dinner at her restaurant for 7 years, but this year, feeling a fish out of water, Angus wants an at home family Thanksgiving, and wants to have it at Caroline Stanbury’s lush home. Let the games begin!

As reported in the Inquisitr, the Ladies of London are back for a second season, which feels like a lifetime. Actually, it is because in the time that has elapsed, Marissa Hermer added another child to the mix, and Juliet Angus has totally moved house to an area that London native Stanbury didn’t even recognize.

Last night, we got a glimpse of the two new additions, Sophie Stanbury (Caroline’s sister in law) and former model and still Baroness Caroline Fleming, of the James Bond Flemings. With just the peek we got at Caroline Stanbury’s drinks fete, it seems like this season’s issues are less a reenactment of the Revolutionary War, and more like the Civil War, as the Americans seem determined to take each other out.

Remember when Thanksgiving was as easy as do you go to your family or your husband’s family? Now, you are an ocean away from the Macy’s Parade, and no matter where you go, nobody is deep frying a turkey in the backyard. Us Magazine reports that Caroline Stanbury put herself in the middle of what would have been a spat between Hermer and Angus, which turned into TurkeyGate, and Hermer wasn’t having it.

“I think that’s offensive and rude,” she mused. “I don’t think Juliet’s aware of all the friendships she’s annihilating as she climbs higher up inside Caroline’s a**.”

Well, the turkey leg has been thrown down, friends, and only the strongest will survive.

Will you be tuning in next week to Ladies of London?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]