‘Breaking Bad’ Themed Coffee Shops May Be Coming Soon To The U.S.

For some of us, Breaking Bad isn’t just a TV show that we love to binge watch; it’s a way of life. From quoting Jesse Pinkman (“Gatorade me, b***h!”) to watching reruns for the 100th time, Breaking Bad has made its way into the hearts and minds of thousands upon thousands of fans across the globe.

For Deniz Kozan, Breaking Bad was also the inspiration behind his new coffee shop business.

Kozan is the founder of Walter’s Coffee Roastery, which opened in Istanbul following a successful Kickstarter campaign. According to Fox 6 Now, many fan favorites from Breaking Bad have made their way into the coffee shop; including yellow hazmat suits, gas masks, blue rock candy and coffee served in beakers.

Unfortunately for Breaking Bad fans in the United States, the initial plans to open Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Brooklyn fell through when investors backed out of the deal. But, the founder has his sights set on an international expansion if all goes well.

The café has already attracted regular customers who are thirsty for more Breaking Bad. According to International Business Times, Kozan’s goal is to expand the Breaking Bad-themed coffee business into Dubai, Moscow, and New York as early as 2016.

Kozan said, “I wanted to open up a big, huge coffee shop for people where they can feel comfortable and Breaking Bad is just an inspiration actually because it look like a laboratory but it’s just an inspiration.”

In addition to coffee drinks, the coffee shop also serves up Breaking Bad themed food specialties such as “crystal” topped cupcakes and Walter Breakfasts. On the way out visitors can grab a bag of souvenir (and completely useable) coffee beans for home.

Will copyright laws halt the Walter White coffee empire?

Although the idea for a Breaking Bad coffee shop is undoubtedly a hit, Kozan has not received copyright clearance for the café. He states that he has been careful to avoid copyright infringement laws and that the coffee shop was merely inspired by the TV show.

Lets hope copyright laws don’t get in the way because it’s highly unlikely that Breaking Bad fans will let up anytime soon. It’s been two years since the season finale and the fan base is still as strong as ever. If we keep our fingers crossed, we just might get to see a Breaking Bad coffee shop on U.S. soil very, very soon.

[Image via AMC.]