For the Love Of ‘Breaking Bad’

Maureen Heet - Author

Oct. 28 2016, Updated 3:51 a.m. ET

Breaking Bad filmed five seasons running from 2008 to 2013. To say that it has built up a moderate fan base would be a gross understatement. The series finale was talked about for days, weeks even, both before and after it aired (and it continues today). Fans have even come up with several theories to hold onto Walter White just a little bit longer. Well, at least they would be able to watch Malcolm in the Middle in a whole new light. Suddenly Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were everywhere; from t-shirts to Halloween costumes and everything in between.

Which brings us to a pivotal question: is there such a thing as too big of a Breaking Bad fan?

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In March of 2015 the series creator, Vince Gilligan, had to publicly ask people to stop reenacting an infamous scene from the show. In season 3, episode 2, Bryan Cranston‘s character (White) can be seen throwing a pizza on top of a house in total frustration. As it turns out, that is a real house in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fans of Breaking Bad found this out and, while trying to recreate the pizza throwing magic, continuously disrupted the homeowners.

Even though it was all in homage to what has become a favorite show, Gilligan was quick to point out, “There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof.”

Maybe that’s more an indication of reckless tom foolery as opposed to being too big of a fan, though. What about creating and modeling a business after the show and its characters? Although Deniz Kosan is not manufacturing mass quantities of meth in his Breaking Bad themed cafe, he is brewing copious amounts of coffee.

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Walter’s Coffee and Roastery is a delightful cafe described as science-chic. It wouldn’t be a true ode to Breaking Bad, though, if it didn’t have the periodic table blazoned on the wall and coffee served out of beakers. The ambiance is quirky and each piece in the cafe (from the beakers to the bean holders) seems chem inspired. Kosan even offers an opportunity to taste a sweeter, less addictive and very legal blue rock candy located in place of the bright blue meth made in Breaking Bad‘s lab. Of course, if you find you are truly missing Walt’s face and are in need of his stern countenance, you can order their hearty pancake breakfast.

As if that weren’t enough to bring back all the warm and fuzzy Breaking Bad feelings, Walter’s employees are costumed in bright yellow hazmat suits and the coffee beans are held in bins designed to look like White’s chemical tanks. No detail has been overlooked and there was no shortage of love put into this venture. Do you feel brought back to Albuquerque? Do feel the need to put on some khaki pants and a khaki jacket? Maybe you are feeling the urge to binge watch Breaking Bad on Netflix. Go ahead, no one’s judging.

No matter your feelings on coffee, candy, or pancakes, the connection from Walter’s to Breaking Bad cannot, and should not, be denied. Although the cafe’s only current location is Istanbul, Turkey, Kosan has high hopes of moving it to the U.S. and Europe. He wants to hear from you where he should set up shop next, so find him on Instagram or give him some feedback on Walter’s Twitter account. Tell him where the biggest Breaking Bad fans are and remember to stop throwing those pizzas.

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