‘Batman: Arkham Night’ PC Patch Released, Still No Date For Relaunch

The long-awaited PC patch for Batman: Arkham Knight has finally been released, with some gamers reporting that it has effectively fixed the frame rate and texture problems that dogged the original release of the game. There is, however, still no sign of a firm re-release date for Arkham Knight, which has not been available on Steam since June.

Comments in Steam’s Arkham Knight community are divided roughly 50/50 between those who say that the patch has significantly improved gameplay and those who claim that it has worsened their problems. On the complaint side, some gamers are saying that the patch is forcing them to play “well below native resolution” with frame rates reportedly as low as 15 FPS. Others, however, are reporting smooth and trouble-free gameplay, and are enthusiastically praising Arkham Knight’s story, graphics, and immersiveness. While this might seem inconclusive, it should be noted that the first release of the newest game in the Batman franchise was almost unanimously judged unplayable. The new patch has fixed many of Arkham Knight’s more significant problems, as well as providing more detailed graphics settings in order to allow gamers to optimize their Batman experience. According to Games.on.net, Arkham Knight’s developers are still working on fixes for SLI and Crossfire users, as well as specific RAM and other problems for Windows 7 and 10 users.

While opinion might be divided with regard to the patch, gamers are unified in their discontent with issues surrounding the re-release and the timing of DLCs for players of Arkham Knight on PC. Those who bought or pre-ordered Arkham Knight were also offered a season pass, which was intended to provide free access to new DLC releases for a fixed period of time. Many gamers are pointing out that Arkham Knight’s recurring woes look set to run for the entire duration of the season pass. The International Business Times reports that the PC DLC content may be delayed even further as a result of the recent release of console DLC packs.

The fact that Arkham Knight is still not available to buy on Steam is also annoying some players. Batman: Arkham Knight was one of the most keenly anticipated releases of the year, and now that the patch has been released, gamers who delayed purchasing the game when they first heard about its problems are frustrated at not being able to purchase it now that it is apparently fixed. Information for the re-release is no more specific than “Fall 2015,” with many gamers complaining about a lack of communication and consultation on the part of Rocksteady and Warner Bros.

[Image via Rocksteady]