TNA Rumors: A Big Name From TNA’s Past Is Returning For A Huge Role — Who Could It Be?

The future of TNA Impact Wrestling is unknown at this time as speculation continues that their contract with Destination America could soon be done. Now, some different rumors have started right in the middle of their invasion feud with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling, and there may be a big name from TNA’s past returning for a huge role with the company.

PW Insider is reporting that someone from TNA’s past is going to be coming in to work with the company. It isn’t known what they will be doing, but it is said that this person will have a huge role with TNA going forward.

According to Wrestling Inc., the rumors of someone coming in to help TNA have been going around for the past three weeks. The thing is, it’s not just anyone who will be coming in, but someone that has been a part of TNA in the past.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean it is someone that was a top star or a former champion, but it could be someone who was backstage. Then again, it could be someone that has had a role both backstage and on-screen.

Don’t forget, Hulk Hogan just recently had the huge falling out with WWE over his racist rant that went viral. It honestly looks as if WWE has no plans to work with Hogan ever again, and he’s really got nothing else to do in the wrestling world.

One problem is that TNA wasn’t overly successful during Hogan’s last tenure with the company, so they may want to think twice about that partnership again.

Other names being thrown around at AJ Styles and Vince Russo. Obviously, one is being looked at as much better than the other. It won’t be Bully Ray, as some random rumors have been stating, as the Dudley Boyz both recently returned and signed deals with WWE.

The other thing in question is if TNA is even going to be around much longer. Currently, they have a few weeks worth of material taped, but anything past that is unknown. Destination America could still pull the plug on it, and there is still the issue of missing paychecks and back pay.

Former TNA TV champion Gunner recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. and said that he no longer has to worry about his money.

“I don’t have to worry about paychecks being late, I don’t have to worry about any of that politic crap, I’m here to make an impact. No pun intended.”

It looks like TNA is still having issues paying some of their talent, and that could not be good for them going forward into the future. Still, rumors persist of a name from their past coming into the company for a huge role, but who will it be?

[Image via GFW]