Illegal Immigrants Charged In Fatal Shooting Of Virginia High School Student

Police in Virginia have charged three males, two of whom are apparently illegal immigrants, in connection with the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old Virginia high school student.

The victim of the crime that occurred on Friday morning came to Loudon County, Virginia, from El Salvador.

“Danny Centeno-Miranda, who moved to Virginia to live with relatives in 2013, was about a mile from Park View High and just 50 yards from his bus stop when he was shot twice in the back. He later died at Inova Fairfax Hospital,” the Washington Post reported.

After working the case all night, cops on Saturday charged an alleged 17-year-old triggerman, who reportedly is from Mexico, with second-degree murder and using a firearm while committing a felony.

“Police have also arrested two men involved with the shooting who are not U.S. citizens,” WTOP reported. Those suspects, ages 20 and 18, face charges of being an accessory to a crime and possession of a firearm while in the country illegally.

Like the victim, the duo are reportedly also from El Salvador. Authorities are holding the two adults without bond while the 17 year old has been placed in juvenile facility. Prosecutors intended to try the alleged shooter as an adult.

All three suspects who are residents of Sterling, Virginia, are due in court tomorrow for an arraignment.

Detectives are probing as to whether the high school sophomore’s murder was gang-related.

“We’re looking into that. There may be some gang affiliation, however we don’t know what the reason was exactly just yet or the actions that had taken place,” said Loudon County Sheriff Mike Chapman, according to the Loudoun Times.

“If convicted, they may be eligible for deportation, depending on how federal agencies choose to handle the cases,” a local prosecutor explained.

“All three suspects have been described as possibly being part of the dangerous and violent Latin American gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13,” BizPacReview claimed.

Area schools were put on lockdown following the shooting.

“This is not the first time Park View has been in the news for possible gang activity. In March, a group of possible MS-13 gang members tried to recruit students from Sterling Middle School, according to a search warrant filed by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office April 8,” the Loudoun Times added.

Further commenting on the arrests in the shooting of the Virginia high school student, Sheriff Chapman indicated that “This was not a random incident. The suspects and the victim were known to each other.”

[Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images News]