‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge Pleads, Wyatt Intervenes, And Brooke Bristles

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of September 7 indicate that things will get even more complicated for Caroline, Ridge, and Thomas. In addition, there’s more to come regarding Ivy and Steffy as well. What can fans expect?

Last week, viewers watched as Ridge broke Caroline’s heart by saying that he couldn’t stay with her and build a family. In her despair, she got far too close to Thomas, and then Ridge seemingly came to his senses and said he couldn’t let her go. During Monday’s show, notes She Knows Soaps, Ridge tells Caroline that he can’t see himself being without her.

While Ridge is repairing his relationship with Caroline, it seems Thomas and Brooke will be talking. Brooke apparently isn’t happy that Ridge is working to repair his relationship with Caroline. Of course, Thomas won’t be terribly pleased about this development either.

As for Ivy and Steffy, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Wyatt will have some intense words to share with Steffy on Ivy’s behalf. He’s trying to get things smoothed over between the two, but it doesn’t look like he’ll have much luck. We Love Soaps shares that Steffy will beg Ivy to get rid of the video, but will she finally agree to truly do it?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Ridge will ask Thomas a favor on Tuesday’s show while Ivy faces some regrets regarding the video. There’s a big announcement coming at Forrester Creations that ruffles some feathers and Steffy seemingly questions a decision Thomas makes.

Brooke has perhaps been getting a bit too involved in Ridge’s life again, and they’ll have a discussion about this later in the week. Viewers will also see an emotional conversation between Thomas and Caroline. She will develop a plan of some sort, but it seems that Bill will not be impressed by whatever it is.

Ivy has pushed very hard to get her big shot at Forrester Creations, and she has a major photo shoot set to play out during Friday’s episode. Unfortunately for her, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that things do not go quite how she anticipated.

There is plenty more drama set to come for Ivy and Steffy, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt may make some big moves as all of the drama plays out. It seems another intense battle between the Forresters and Spencers is on the way, and there are big developments regarding Ridge and Caroline coming as well.

Just how will things play out for Caroline and Ridge? Will Ivy or Steffy win their big battle? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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