WWE News: Dana White Addresses Original Thoughts On Calling Wrestling Fake

When Dana White, UFC’s president, called wrestling fake, the WWE Universe was set ablaze by one man’s opinion. A WWE fan told him via Twitter, “I wish I could watch the Rousey fight tmrw night. Vince got you beat there @danawhite. Our PPV’s are only $9.99.” To that, White responded with a quip of his own.

“I hear u bro but fake s*** should be 9.99. Trust me my friend….. IT’s FAKE.”

After that, it wasn’t just WWE fans lashing out at White for his comments on pro wrestling. Even wrestlers, past and present, were calling the UFC’s president. They were insinuating that White was ignorant towards a profession that’s indirectly his competition.

That was over a month ago, and it appears that Dana White has retracted his original statement during an interview on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show.

“Listen, try to do anything today without pissing people off. Try it. I mean anything you say people get mad, you just gotta not care and I don’t care. Anything you say on Twitter or Instagram oranywhere these days every week I have a different group mad at me so you know it’salways something, but it’s still the world we live in today. My Twitter and social media has beenexactly the same since the day I got on it and one of the things, you said it best, the more successfulyou become, the bigger something gets, the harder it is to be yourself and to really speak honestlybecause somebody ends up getting mad. You literally just have to get to the point where you justdon’t care who gets mad and that’s that’s that’s how I am.

I’ve had my, you know, my battles with Vince [McMahon] behind the scenes with some stuff that we’ve worked on but I respect all the guys in the WWE in the wrestling profession. We have so many guys that are that are fans of the UFC and when they come to the events we take very good care of ’em, we treat ’em with respect, I have yet to meet a bad guy from the wrestling world. Everybody is really classy and everybody’s really cool. My wrestling thing was just a response to an idiot onsocial media that was talking smack so I kind of gave him a zinger back and the whole wrestling world went crazy on me. But it is what it is, to be honest with you I really don’t care.”

Dana White did the proper thing here, as simply disrespecting an industry that has had multitudes of success like the WWE was obviously ignorant. UFC is enjoying its success as well. Both sides have fans of each other, so talking poorly about one side isn’t the right way to go. WWE representatives have forgotten about it, and so should the WWE Universe.

[Image via craziestsportsfights.com]