Justin Bieber Baffled By Jackie O’s Selena Gomez Question, Source Says Kids Tagged Graffiti

Justin Bieber admitted in a radio interview yesterday that he hasn’t “been in a relationship for a while,” after getting his “heart broken.” And that wasn’t the Canadian’s only revelation.

Speaking to the hosts of theKyle and Jackie O Show in Australia on Monday, from Clear Lake in Angola, Indiana, Bieber seemed totally confused when he was asked about the recent fan (and media) focus on the reference to his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in the music video for his smash hit “What Do You Mean?” single.

After chat about the heartthrob’s upcoming promo visit to Australia in support of his new hit — which is now No. 1 Down Under, the U.K., at U.S. iTunes, and broke Spotify, U.K. Official Chart, and iTunes records — the 21-year-old was asked who he might bring with him when he performs there later this month.

That led to Jackie O questioning the singer about the “Selena” spotting in the video’s final, skateboarding party scene.

“I haven’t been in a relationship for a while now. I’m chilling. Just hanging out, just being by myself,” the Biebs told his hosts, after saying he might bring a friend or two on his forthcoming trip.

Explaining, he said, “But the thing is, I’m a relationship type of guy. I love being in love and I love cuddling. I love all that stuff.”

The singer added, “But, I got my heart broken. So I’m just trying to, like, just let that heal up.”

At that point, Bieber repeated “Let’s not even go there!” when Jackie O pressed him on romance, before changing her approach and asking if he was “amazed” that fans had “picked up” on the “Selena” graffiti in the “What Do You Mean?” music video. It’s seen at the 3:47 mark on a wall in the skate park segment.

For his part, Bieber seemed genuinely bewildered when the “Selena” graffiti was brought up.

“I think that was… what are you talking about?” he asked Jackie O, adding, “‘Cause I think that might be fake, I think what you’re talking about. What are you referring to?”

Amid Bieber’s queries, the female host interjected, “Oh, it’s not real!… But that’s fake!”

To which, the singer — who still sounded baffled about the graffiti — insisted, “Nah, that wasn’t me that did that!”

After the interview aired, a Bieber source told the Inquisitr “random kids tagged the wall and no-one knew the ‘Selena’ graffiti was there.” Hence, the singer’s assumption that Jackie O was talking about something “fake.”

During the interview, Bieber confessed that he’d “had a few beers” beforehand and mused that he was perhaps “talking too openly.”

As previously reported, Bieber is set to perform from a customized “Bieber Island” when he performs at Sydney Harbour on September 30. He is also putting on a rooftop show in Melbourne days before, and will be in Australia from September 27-30 promoting “Mean?” and his November 13-dropping new album.

At another point during his phone-in, Bieber voluntarily revealed that he has “kinda like distanced myself from a lot of friends.”

He elaborated, “I’m kinda like doing a lot [of] stuff by myself recently. Which is kinda awesome ’cause you don’t figure yourself out unless you take that time to be by yourself.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber says the teachings of Hillsong Church and solitude have helped him find 'peace')

As well as agreeing to Kyle’s offer to a supercar race, which Bieber insisted is held in “designated area,” and “not on the street,” there was banter about the Biebs’ seemingly limitless supply of Calvins, which he is given as the underwear brand’s spokesmodel.

The singer was also asked about his tears at the MTV VMAs. He said that after figuring things out during his well-documented turbulent period, “I think I was just nervous how people were going to respond to that [his performance].”

Sticking with the VMAs, Bieber was asked to comment on Kanye West announcing his presidential run in 2016. The singer quipped that he felt it was “Kanye being Kanye,” adding that the rapper “says what he feels in the moment.”

The Biebs’ six-year history with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants “wishes” to terminally ill and chronically sick children and teenagers, and the singer’s over 250 wishes record were mentioned on the radio show.

Of this, Bieber said that working with the non-profit organization is “one of my favorite things,” because “you get to hang out with kids.” He went on to note that he loves being around children because “they don’t want anything from me… They just want to have fun and enjoy the moment,” and “they don’t want to pull a deal.”

Bieber likened that thinking to the way the late Michael Jackson felt about children, before expressing his opinion that molestation rumors about the late King of Pop were not true.

Bieber dished on his highly anticipated, next album, describing it as “really cool, really fun, and uplifting,” and said the record now has a title but did not reveal it. The singer also shared that he wanted his new album to be a “freeing” experience for listeners, adding that “the awesome thing about music is you can speak any language but you feel the music in your soul. “

After a prompt from Kyle, Bieber promised anyone who couldn’t see him perform in Australia might see him “acting wild in a good way… hanging out in the city… skateboarding.” He also said surfing would be on the menu.

See if you can spot the “Selena” tag in the music video below.

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