Meet Lauren Williams: Texas Model With Legs Measuring An Unbelievable 49 Inches [Video]

Lauren Williams, a stunning model and sports-loving woman from Houston, Texas, is gaining attention as a model due to her strikingly long legs.

Her legs, measuring an unbelievable 49 inches from hip to heel, are the “longest legs in West America,” according to the Huffington Post.

Lauren realized that she has unusually long legs in her teens when her attention was drawn to the fact through comments that she had much longer legs than everyone her age.

He legs grew so long during her teenage years that peers nicknamed her “the giraffe.” The nickname stuck and her Instagram name today is @theclassicgiraffe.

“Pretty regularly I have people comment on how tall I am or how longs my legs are. I don’t recall a time when I realized I had such long legs, it was just always something about me.”

The 26-year-old model’s legs are longer than the legs of the New York model Brooke Banker, proclaimed in 2013 as having the longest legs in New York City. Brooke’s legs, supporting an overall body frame of 5-feet 11-inches, measured 47 inches.

In comparison, Lauren, who stands at an impressive 6-feet 4-inches, has legs measuring 49 inches, two inches longer than Brooke’s.

“I never realized that it would turn out to be such a big deal, but I’m really excited.”

Lauren says she owes her unique physical trait to genes inherited from her parents. Members of her family, including her father, mother, and set of older twin sisters, are well over 6 feet tall.

Lauren launched her modeling career four years ago. She models sports, high fashion, and swimwear, and has worked for global brands such as Nike, according to the Daily Mail.

Besides modeling, she loves sports and played volleyball in college. She claims she is still very active in sports and enjoys modeling sportswear.

The only disadvantage of being so tall is that she experiences difficulty finding shoes and clothes that fit her.

She wears U.S. size 11 shoes, according to the Daily Mail.

“The long, lean look is in style right now and people will contact me because that’s what they want – I’m all legs.”

“But it’s difficult for me to sit comfortably on a plane, and finding clothes that fit is extremely hard.”

Lauren is grateful that her modeling career has taken off due to the advantage of having a unique physical trait. But she also finds time to work as an educator at a museum for children in Houston, and loves traveling.

Although, some media reports say she has the longest legs in the U.S., the woman with the longest legs in the U.S. and the Guinness World Record holder is the Russian-born Svetlana Pankratova of Falls Church, Virginia.

Pankratova stands 6-feet 5-inches and has legs measuring 51.9 inches.

[Image: YouTube/MailOnline24]