Donald Trump: Iran Nuclear Deal Would Force The United States To Defend Iran If Attacked By Israel

Donald Trump is convinced that the Iran nuclear deal would force the United Stated to defend Iran if it were attacked by Israel. Speaking on The John Frederick Show, Trump blasted the nuclear deal with Iran and the P5+1, a group including some of Israel closest allies such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and of course, the United States of America.

“If Israel attacks Iran, I think — of course this wouldn’t happen, it wouldn’t happen with me, with Obama you never know — but we’re supposed to be on Iran’s side if this happens. OK? And nobody knows this and even talks about that point but, basically, we’re supposed to protect them.”

Donald Trump also appeared on CNN Tonight to criticize the Iran nuclear deal.

“And nobody is able to explain it that if somebody attacks Iran, we have to come to their defense. And I’m saying, does that includes Israel? And most people say, yes. They don’t have exclusion for Israel. So, if Israel attacks Iran according to that deal, I believe, the way it reads unless they have a codicil or they have something to it, that we have to fight with Iran against Israel.”

Opponents to the Iran nuclear deal will not be able to override President Barack Obama’s veto by a congressional vote to defeat the deal after Wasserman Schultz made her announcement in The Miami Herald.

Former Secretary of State to George W. Bush, Colin Powell, expressed his support of the Iran nuclear deal on NBC’s Meet The Press.

“I think it is a good deal, I studied carefully the outline of the deal and what’s in that deal and I’ve also carefully looked at the opposition to the deal. My judgment with balancing those two sets of information is that it’s a pretty good deal.”

Powell went on to explain why he thought it was a good deal.

“One of the great concerns the oppositions has is that we are leaving open a lean for the Iranians to create a nuclear weapon in 10 to 15 years, while forgetting the reality that they have been on a superhighway, for the last 10 years, to create a nuclear or a nuclear weapon program, with no speed limit.”

“These are remarkable changes, and so we have stopped this highway race that they were going down – and I think that’s very, very important.”

Just recently, Donald Trump was criticized for mistaking the Quds Force as the Kurds. In an interview with conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump showed his inexperience on foreign policy especially regarding to the Middle East.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]