Peyton McCaughey: Horrific Tragedy Leaves 10-Year-Old Boy With Severe Brain Damage

Ever since he was a little baby, Peyton McCaughey was described as being a cheerful child. Now, the 10-year-old is severely handicapped and is unable to control his limbs or speak clearly, WFLA reports. This unimaginable tragedy began when Peyton’s parents decided to get rid of troublesome termites which had devastated their home. The family called a Terminix subcontractor, Sunland Pest Control, to have the annoying pests smoked out.

According to a report from CNN, the company sprayed their home in Palm City, Florida for termites on August 14. Bill Williams, the attorney for the family, explained to the publication that the family was told it was safe to return to the home two days later on August 16. So the family returned to their home just two days after the fumigation because experts assured that the house would be termite-free and nothing would jeopardize the family’s health. Unfortunately, this was not the case and several family members, including Peyton, became sick.

Obviously, the work had not been done as it should have and little Peyton McCaughey began to get violently ill with vomiting and clear symptoms of poisoning.

“He was having some uncontrollable muscle movements, couldn’t stand up, couldn’t speak, so they took him to a local walk-in and the doctor quickly recognized it was probably poisoning from a treatment,” Peyton’s uncle, Ed Gribben, told local news reporters.

The child was taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to do much: Peyton had suffered serious brain damage which caused him to have severe speech and mobility problems.

“He was… eyes rolling, legs weren’t working. He couldn’t hold himself up,” Ed Gribben explained.

New York Daily News reports that the Department of Justice has now opened a criminal investigation and the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services also issued a stop-work order against Sunland Pest Control. According to their lawyer, Peyton’s family plans to file a lawsuit against both Terminix and Sunland Pest Control Services.

Terminix expressed sadness over the incident and the company, which is the largest pest control company in the world, released the following statement regarding the matter.

“We are saddened to learn of this and our hearts are with the family. We are carefully reviewing the matter.”

As of the time of this report, it is unknown if the boy will ever again be able to walk independently. The family believes that Peyton will make a full recovery. However, it could take years.

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