‘Blood Rave’ Will Feature Real Blood Sprayed On Nightclub Guests On Halloween

A “blood rave” might be the thing you’re looking for if you’re in Amsterdam on Halloween, and you want to be covered in blood. Real blood, in fact.

According to UPI, the Blood Rave will feature real blood sprayed on nightclub guests on Halloween at a discrete location in Amsterdam. Tickets for the bloody event went on sale on September 5.

If dancing in a rain of blood surrounded by a bloodthirsty crowd sounds familiar, it isn’t a weird dream you tried to suppress. This scene came from the 1998 film, Blade, in which a crowd of sharp-fanged vampires danced the night away and a sprinkler system full of blood drenched the joyous crowd in the red liquid. Blade, a vengeful vampire played by Wesley Snipes, showed up and tried to kill off as many vampires as possible, thus dousing the blood rave.

The Blood Rave at the undisclosed location in Amsterdam was inspired by this particular scene, according to Metro. We’re hoping Blade doesn’t show up with a vengeance.

An anonymous promoter said that real blood would be used in a sprinkler system, and the system had already been tested with a liquid similar to blood.

The Blood Rave promoter explained why dancing in the rain of red blood cells might be a good idea on Halloween.

“It is pushing the borders, but we want to see how far we can go.”

If you’re in doubt that something like this could actually exist and people would want to go to it, the promoter(s) have set up an official Facebook page and at the time of this writing, 720 people have liked the page.

The Blood Rave Facebook page describes the event as, “Blood Rave is a night-life community for likeminded individuals, on a discrete location in Amsterdam. Thirsty?”

Tickets are listed as €24,50, or about $27.35 per person.

The Blood Rave will feature real blood, about 5,000 litres (about 1,320 gallons) of it, dumped on about 4,200 people at the time of this writing. At least, this is the number of people listed on the Facebook page who say they’re going.

In order to attend the Blood Rave on Halloween in Amsterdam, guests must be at least 18-years-old and have a ticket.

Apparently, the secret location will be announced to ticket holders in the very near future, as Halloween coming very soon.

It is unknown what type of blood will be used for the Blood Rave, as it is very hard to get more than scant details for the event.

[Photo by Blood Rave/Facebook]

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